Brownells Glock 19LS Slide Build | Mod Minute

If you are one of those that whined about the Glock 45 or the Glock 19X being long in the wrong place, the Brownells Glock 19LS slide and barrel might be the answer to your gripes. In today's Mod Minute we are going to do a Glock 19LS slide build from scratch.

While we used a factory Glock frame, the serialized Polymer80 frame that we linked in the bottom of the post is also an option if you aren't in love with the factory frames.

Links to the parts and tools used are below the embedded video. Click HERE for last week’s Mod Minute.

Parts & Tools Used:

Brownells Glock 19LS Slide & Barrel – Brownells Part # 078-000-421

Glock 19 Frame – Brownells Part # 100-030-062

Lone Wolf Glock Slide Completion Kit – Brownells Part # 100-803-023

Brownells 1" Gunsmith Hammer - Brownells Part # 818-600-100

Glock Channel Liner Tool – Brownells Part # 463-000-009

Glock 19 Recoil Spring – Brownells Part # 100-002-722

Glock Disassembly Tool – Brownells Part # 100-005-935

MGW Glock Sight Mover – Brownells Part # 584-045-017

Sevigny Fiber Optic Competition Sights – Brownells Part # 100-003-608

Glock Front Sight Tool – Brownells Part # 080-001-092

Loctite #242 Blue Thread Locker – Brownells Part # 532-242-006

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  1. Mine has trouble feeding the next round. I am wondering whether it needs a lower rate recoil spring. Does yours work reliably?

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