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One of the final booths that I got to for SHOT 2019 was Grey Ghost Precision. I was not very familiar with them prior to SHOT, however, what I've learned is that they have an insane attention to detail. They make reliable combat guns, and accessories that look sharp. GGP had some new products in their lineup for SHOT 2019, and I had a chance to take a peek at them.

GGP-CP Fullsize

GGP created their GGP-CP (Combat Pistol) Compact, but wanted to later release a full size variant. At SHOT 2019, I was able to handle this new pistol.

The GGP-CP Compact was the "Glock 19" sized handgun from GGP, and the GGP-CP Fullsize is the "Glock 17" sized option. The frames, slides, and barrels are made in house by GGP, and the detail gone into this shows. The texturing on the frame is some of the best I've felt, the undercut on the trigger guard is phenomenal, and the slidework is beautiful. The fame is uniquely Grey Ghost, and just has that distinctive look. The gun utilizes a full 1913 accessory rail, and has an extended beavertail molded into the frame.

The slide on the GGP-CP is beautiful. The fit to the frame is tight, (in a good way), and the milling is done masterfully. It is precise, with the QC really showing here. The thing that really caught my eye was the optic mounting plate system.

GGP uses a simple plate system for mounting optics. If you have a Delta Point Pro, remove the cover, and the shim plate, and directly mount the DPP to the slide. If you have an RMR, use the included shim, and mount the optic. If you want to run irons, use the shim, and the G10 cover plate. The G10 plate is another point that I want to hit on. It looks great, and won't rust when you toss it somewhere when you inevitably mount your MRDS to the CP.

The gun comes with a crisp CMC flat faced trigger, 3 Magpul Glock mags, and a stylish carrying case.

MSRP of the GGP-CP Compact is $1,499, so I'd imagine that the Fullsize will be in the same ballpark.

Grey Ghost Precision V3 & V4 Slides

New for SHOT 2019 were the V3 and V4 slides for the Glock 17 and 19. These are high quality, precision, in-house produced slides.

V3 slide, featuring more "traditional" slide serrations...

The V3 slide is more "normal" looking, as the slider serrations are a little wide apart. The idea is to make use of the slide easier while doing press checks, or working in muddy and wet conditions. The V3 features lightening cuts, and the awesome GGP optic mounting plate system.

... and the V4, featuring microscale slide serrations.

The V4 slides are a little more technical looking, with lightening cuts on the top of the slide, and the neat slide serrations. GGP calls the V4 slide serrations "microscale", and they are reminiscent of a golf ball pattern. They offer great texture, and again, show the attention to detail from GGP. The top lightening cut is quite attractive too.

This is hotness.

The V3 slide holds an MSRP of $449.99, and the V4 holds an MSRP of $418.95. The slides should be available for purchase by the middle of next month.

The Grey Ghost Precision booth was awesome. They hold attention to detail very highly, and want to make a very high quality product. I think that they are doing a pretty good job in that regard.

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