Holiday Stocking Stuffer Guide 2019

Holiday Stocking Stuffer

It’s the holiday season and everyone is doing their best to snag something for loved ones. Many people find it challenging to find quality gifts for firearm enthusiasts due to the high cost of many guns and accessories. Luckily we have put together this guide for gifts under $30. Whether you use them as stocking stuffers, or wrapped gifts, any shooter would be happy to receive one of the items below!


The B-8 Bullseye seems overly simple at first, but it is actually one of the more versatile targets out there. We use them in several of the drills that we’ve covered on the site and Youtube channel.

  • B-8 Bullseyes for sale HERE

MagLula Loader

Loading magazines can be a pain, especially during long days of class or competition. The UpLula from Maglula takes nearly all of the work out of loading, saving your fingers for wrapping your holiday presents. Virtually every shooter I know uses one, and it can be a thumb saver for those extended range sessions.

  • MagLula loader for sale HERE

Rail Covers

If you’ve sent more than a handful rounds down range in a short span of time, you know how hot the rail on an AR-15 can get. Adding some rail covers not only helps to avoid the heat, but can also improve your purchase on the gun, further stabilizing your position.

PHLster ARC Switches

Customization is the name of the modern gun game, and weapon mounted lights are no exception. PHLster, known for high quality holsters, has improved switches for both the Surefire X300 and Streamlight TLR-1 series. Offering differing lengths and textures, the ARC switches can seriously improve accessibility of your weapon light. Help light up your holiday with ARC switches from PHLster

  • X300 ARC Switches for sale HERE and previewed HERE
  • TLR ARC Switches for sale HERE and previewed HERE

MagPod Base Plates

How many have heard the myth that using your magazine to stabilize your shooting position will induce malfunctions? Somehow, despite being long debunked, that still persists. One issue that can arise from this is the fulcrum created by the edge of your magazine. Luckily Mag-Pod has created base plates to remedy this problem. Providing a flat surface for you, Map-Pods successfully stabilize your shooting, and make taking Gucci pictures of your rifle a breeze.

  • MagPod Base Plates for sale HERE and reviewed HERE

Medical Supplies

If you’re carrying things that cause bleeding you should probably carrying things that stop bleeding. Not to mention you’re at a substantially higher likelihood of coming across a car crash or other accident causing life threatening injuries. I’ve carried a tourniquet concealed daily for nearly two years and it’s less obtrusive than my gun or even a spare magazine. Maybe one of these will help you make it to the next holiday season!

  • SOFTT-W Tourniquet for sale HERE

Decontamination Products

When shooting we get exposed to lead and other heavy metals, which in short, is bad for Washing with normal soap and water doesn’t do the job either. Hygenall’s LeadOff line works at the microscopic level, removing these contaminants from your skin. Not only that, but LeadOff products do more to keep your skin hydrate than traditional cleaners as well.

  • Hygenall LeadOff Wipes for sale HERE and reviewed HERE


Range time, Youtube, and blogs (even ours!) can only take you so far. Sometimes you have to read physical books to take your training to the next level. Since books have existed long before any of these other mediums, there is a wide variety available. We’re working on our series of book reviews now, but here is a heads up on what we recommend.

  • The Dry Fire Primer by Annette Evans for sale HERE and reviewed HERE
  • TAPS: Tactical Application of Practical Shooting by Pat McNamara for sale HERE and reviewed HERE
  • Violence of Mind: Training and Preparation for Extreme Violence by Varg Freeborn for sale HERE

The Dry Fire Primer


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