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Holosun 509T

Holosun is starting the year strong, releasing three new pistol optics for 2020. I had the opportunity to try each of them at Range Day before heading to their both during SHOT Show.

Holosun 507c 2.0

Readers know I’m a fan of the 507c, with it being one of my top recommendations for slide mounted optics. 2020 Brings an updated version, the 2.0 which features several substantial changes. The most glaring change is the new window shape, now a square instead of a half circle. This increases the field of view, and potentially increases durability by spreading out the force if dropped straight on top of the window. Brightness adjustment buttons have been enlarged and reoriented; now sitting vertically along the left side of the optic.

Holosun 507c 2
Optics were mounted on Glock, CZ, IWI, Walter, S&W, Springfield Armory, and more!

The most exciting changes is the new battery compartment. Previously shooters needed to completely remove the 507c to change the bottom mounted battery. Holosun has added a battery tray along the right side of the optic, making this method standard across the entire product line. The new battery tray requires the use of a smaller CR1632 battery opposed to the CR2032 found on most micro optics. Despite the reduced size, Holosun still claims 20,000-50,000 hours of life depending on brightness settings and solar power use.

The 507c 2.0 features an MSRP of $299.99 and is available for purchase now.

Holosun 507k

For years people have yearned for a duty grade optic for use with single stack pistols such as the Glock 48. Shield Sights and SIG Sauer have options in the category, but their durability has been lacking. This looks like it is about to remedied by the new Holosun 507k. As the name implies, the 507k is born of the respected 507 line, but is shrunk down for smaller pistols.

Holosun 507k

Controls, battery life, and solar panel all mirror the new 507c 2.0, making it instantly familiar. One of the most exciting aspects that seems to be largely overlooked is the ability to use standard height sights. The example I fired used Trijicon night sights. A small notch cut into the rear of the optic body allows the shooter to get the very top portion of their front sight into the rear sight. This makes for a nearly unimpeded sight picture with your dot, while providing a low profile (and less expensive) backup aiming method.

The 507k has an MSRP of $289 and will be available in early March 2020.

Holosun 509T

The most exciting product from Holosun is their new 509T; not to be confused with the FN pistol of the same name. The 509T is a completely enclosed optic along similar lines of the Aimpoint ACRO. With this in mind, don’t confuse it for a simple knockoff. The 509T is substantially smaller than the ACRO, both in length and bulk, while sporting a slightly larger window. The mount is a proprietary design, with plates in the works for most major handguns. Despite it’s larger size, the 509T will match nearly any holster designed for the Trijicon RMR, making compatibility nearly a non-issue.

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The sight uses the same battery setup as the 507c 2.0, and retains the top mounted solar panel. This results in a comparable battery life of 20,000-50,000 hours.

The Holosun 509T has an MSRP of $430 and will be available in early March 2020.

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  1. > The mount is a proprietary design, with plates in the works for most major handguns.

    Translation: If you don’t own a Glock the Holosun 509T won’t be for you. Because “major handguns” is just code for Clock.

    Or, on closer examination, you could stack the included Trijicon RMR adapter on top of your guns Trijicon RMR adapter. Adapter tower — YEAY – always wanted one of those. Two adapter on top of each other will securely lock you optics to you gun.

    Why can’t manufactures not refrain from inventing new incompatible optic mounts.

    • That’s not true. They had each of their Optics mounted to a variety of handguns, including Walter, CZ, Smith, FN, and more.

      The RMR placed the screws fairly far apart, part of why you have to use adapter plates on narrow slide handguns. Innovation in this case is a good thing. Leading the better technology in multiple Avenues. That’s like saying everybody should still use AA batteries even though they are objectively inferior to cr123 or 18650 batteries in every way except for availability.

      • “Their Optics” — that would be the HE507T and HE508T which had a different mounting system. I have, however, not seen the HE509T on anything but a Glock. And I have seen multiple announcements and tests on the HE509T.

        As for the RMR adapter: That is just an example because both my gun and the HE509T has an RMR adapter. But my gun has three more adapter For Eotech, C-More and Deltapoint.

        The other adapter the HE509T supports is the Modular Optic System (MOS) which is, correct me if I am wrong, only available for Glock. Which might also be the reason I have only seen announcements and tests with Glocks.

        Did we really need the “innovation” of yet another (sixth) mounting option? Especially since the “innovation” only works with the already available MOS and RMR mounting options. We didn’t get anything new after all.

        We only got need for double adapter tower for anyone not using a Glock.

        • The 509t is a proprietary mounting system, similar to the AimPoint Acro. At the Holosun booth, they had the 509t mounted to more than just Glock.

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