NEW Holosun 509T v2 Red Dot Sight

Holosun 509Tv2

The world was taken by surprise today when Steve Fisher posted about the new Holosun 509T v2. Details are slim, but we were able to get some insight into what users can expect from this latest edition. Changes with the Holosun 509T v2 include improved glass, access to all three reticles, night vision modes, and more. Owners of the original version need not fret, as the footprint and battery are remaining the same.

Price and availability date are still TBD. We will update you as we learn more!

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Daniel is a Rangemaster Advanced Instructor, and USPSA competitor. He has received training from Craig Douglas, Tom Givens, and Steve Fisher among others. In his free time Daniel enjoys petting puppies and reading the Constitution. Daniel also writes for the Kommando Blog

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