MantisX Light Shell

This is a 3D-printed MantisX light body shell that encases an original/first generation MantisX in a plastic case, giving it a form-factor as similar as possible to that of a Surefire X300/X300U or Streamlight TRL-1. Currently, a Mantis X3 and X10 compatible light shell are not available, but it is being worked on.

The shell provides a variety of benefits to the MantisX when mounted on a pistol: it adjusts the positioning of the MantisX-mounted pistol within holsters designed to work with the given weapon-mounted light, improving holster retention of the pistol by positioning it in the correct position to allow both natural holster fit as well as any retention devices to work properly

Now you can easily use your first generation MantisX with the WML specific holster as the holster is intended to be used.

Price for the shells are $30 each, plus shipping

Shipping is roughly $4 CONUS VIA USPS First Class Mail w/ tracking.

*IMPORTANT* This is not a product fulfilled, or sold by Firearm Rack. *IMPORTANT*
*IMPORTANT* There is no relationship between Thorne Hill and Firearm Rack *IMPORTANT*
*IMPORTANT* Nor is there an affiliate program, endorsement or business arrangement. *IMPORTANT*
*IMPORTANT* While we think this is a really cool idea, we are not selling anything. *IMPORTANT*
*IMPORTANT* We want Thorne Hill to get a cool thing to those that might appreciate it. *IMPORTANT*
*IMPORTANT* Again, Thorne Hill Devices is selling these, not Firearm Rack. *IMPORTANT*

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MantisX Light Body Shell Features

  • Encases the MantisX unit in a way that is as close to the specific WML's shape and rail-mount location.
    • Shells provide a smooth draw with minimal if no impedance to reholstering, and provide good indexing for support-hand placement.
    • Provides additional protection for the MantisX sensor unit during live fire or holster work.
  • The MantisX light body shells have been tested in a wide range of holsters.
    • The Surefire X300U shell fits Surefire X300U specific holsters.
    • The Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-1 HL shell fits WML-generic holsters as well as TLR-1(HL) specific holsters.
      • Safariland duty holster
      • PHLster Spotlight
      • Squared-Away Customs Five-O
      • Armordillo LUX
  • The function of the MantisX is not impacted by the WML shell
    • Does not affect the MantisX's functionality because the OEM MantisX mount is used.
    • Bluetooth/connection range is not affected by the WML shell.
    • There is no need to remove the shell unless you have some specific reason to do so.
  • The MantisX light body shell does not block the power button, "charge level" LEDs, or USB charging port.
    • The MantisX can be turned on and off without removing the shell.
    • You can charge the MantisX via its USB port without removal of the shell.
  • 3D printed out of quality PETG filament. (Check out this article to learn more about PETG)
    • The shell will withstand most (if not all) oils, cleaners and/or solvents for gun maintenance and cleaning.
    • Being 3D-printed, there are "layer lines" and possibly minor bumps and such that might cause minor scuffing of tight spots inside your holster. If this poses an issue you can sand, trim with a knife, and/or use some gun oil to resolve the issue.

How To Buy A MantisX Light Body Shell

Please email with the following information and you will be sent a PayPal invoice:

1) Which shell you want (X300 and/or TLR-1 shell)

2) Your PayPal email address (unless you don't want to use PayPal)

3) Your mailing address (to determine the shipping cost to put on the PayPal invoice)

(If you have any questions, would prefer to pay a different way, want the shell shipped via an alternative method, etc., please state so in the email so we can work out the details.)

MantisX Shell Installation Instructions

Note: The shell requires the use of the MantisX flathead screwdriver mounting screw (not the thumb-screw!) to fit in virtually every X300 Ultra or TLR1 compatible holster! If your MantisX shipped without the flathead screw, contact Mantis for a replacement.

(NOTE: instructions for the X300(U) shell show an earlier version of the shell than what is currently in production; despite the slight differences in appearance, installation and overall functionality remain the same.)