New FN 503 Single Stack Pistol

FN 503

If you thought Glock was late to the party with the G42 and G43, then get a load of this. FN released their latest pistol this week, the single stack 503.

The 503 is the first foray by FN into the modern single stack pistol market. Similarly sized to a Smith & Wesson Shield and Glock 43, the FN 503 will easily fall into most people's ideal conceal carry specifications. Capacity varies between a 6 round flush fit magazine, and an extended 8 round mag. Sights a simple 3 dot arrangement, using the same dovetail as the popular FN 509. The trigger is a new design, similar to the Ruger LCP, with a thin blade and centered safety tab. Trigger weight is advertised to be between 5 and 7 pounds. Barrels are an average 3.1 inches, and sport a recessed target crown. The right side only slide release is extremely large for a polymer frame handgun. Currently there are no provisions for mounting optics to the 503.

The FN 503 is available for purchase now and features an MSRP of $549.00. My local shop had their first on the showroom floor over the weekend, so keep an eye out as these make their way to retailers.

Press Release on the FN 503

The FN 503, inspired by FN’s legendary heritage, is the company’s first entry into the slim 9mm pistol market. The FN 503, roughly the size of your hand, conceals quickly and discreetly without compromising on features or performance.  The excellent trigger and soft recoil of this slim 9mm pistol make the FN 503 comfortable and controllable to shoot.

Arguably the best in its class, the all-metal trigger breaks crisply and consistently with an average of 5lb. trigger pull. The snag-free sights ensure a quick draw from any holster or bag. And, the enlarged controls make operation effortless when switching between the 6-round standard magazine and 8-round extended magazine.

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