NEW Modlite PL350

New Modlite PL350 weapon mounted light

Yesterday Modlite announced a new pistol mounted weapon light, the PL350! This new weapon light will hit shelves on 23 August 2021 at 9:00 AM EST.

With your purchase you will receive a single 18350 Battery, additional ARC switch paddles, and two rail adapters. Your light purchase may include a battery charger and charging cord. Modlite has already released holster compatability, as well as FAQs on the new light.

Pricing on the Modlite PL350 starts at $319.00

Modlite PL350
Holster compatibility with the new Modlite PL350 weapon mounted light.

Will it fit a Safariland Holster?

The PL350 will work in all light-bearing 6XXX series holsters. 7XXX series support is in progress.

Will it fit a X300 Kydex Holster?

No. Like any new pistol light, the PL350 requires a dedicated holster for friction-fit Kydex holsters.

Will it fit a subcompact?

PL350 does not have a fitment for sub-compact handguns, even ones that have a rail like the Glock 48 MOS or the Sig Sauer P365. We have no plans to design one at this time.

Which Rail Adapter slot should I use?

Most handguns will have the best fit with the forward rail adapter slot. If you are able to achieve multiple fitments on your firearm and are unsure what configuration to use, we recommend reaching out to the holster manufacturer of your choice and asking them what configuration they recommend for proper fitment into their PL350 holster.

What is the recommended torque for the screw/clamp?

Modlite recommends torquing the mounting screw/clamp to 4-5 ft-lbs. Do not over tighten, but secure fitment will not be achieved if not properly torqued.

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