Strat-Cast Announcement and Stream Notice

Strat-Cast 005

Hello Primer Peak readers! For a slight change of pace, as an additional form of content, we are integrating a new podcast into the site! The Strat-Cast podcast is a joint effort between Strat-Edgy Productions, myself, and our friend ThisDeadRabbit. It has a focus on gaming, and the gaming industry. We will branch off on tangents and different topics, so be prepared! There is plenty of coarse language too, so you might want the kids to leave the room!

Strat-Cast Episode 004

We've recorded one Strat-Cast so far, with its focus being on the game UnderRail.

Strat-Cast Episode 005

Our upcoming Strat-Cast is going to be recorded live tonight at 7:15PM EST. An edited version will be available shortly after the livestream, and I will link back to it here once it is ready. This episode will focus on our takes on the upcoming game Deathloop, along with our feelings about Dishonored, and Prey. Come by and say hello!

Strat-Cast and the Future

The integration of the Strat-Cast will be supplemental to the side, and will not be displacing any of our other content! Be on the lookout for more episodes in the future!

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