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Streamlight is a household name in the WML world, and at SHOT 2019, they released some new variations on previous products. A myriad of updates and revisions of pistol lights, some new IR/White lights, and a shotgun forend were the stand-out products this year.

Streamlight TLR-8 & TLR-8G

Green laser model TLR-8G.

New for SHOT 2019 is the Streamlight TLR-8, and TLR-8G. These are variations on the TLR-7 WML that launched last year. They have the same 500 lumen output white light as the TLR-7, but also have visible lasers. The TLR-8 has a red laser, while the TLR-8G has a green laser. The lights maintain the same 1.5 hour runtime, and 18 hour run time for the laser, still using a single CR-123A battery.

Streamlight TLR VIR II

Left side of the TLR VIR II showing laser adjustments, and light controls.

Streamlight is diving back into the infrared light world with the TLR VIR II, a white light and IR light & laser combo WML. The white light is 300 lumens with a 1.5 hour runtime, and the IR LED has a 850 nm output, with a 12 hour runtime. The IR laser is also rated for 850 nm, and similarly, has a 12 hour runtime. The light is powered by a single CR123A battery, and is available in either black or coyote.

Streamlight TLR-6 (SIG P365)

TLR-6 mounted to a bluegun SIG P365.

The SIG P365 has a unique WML rail, and Streamlight has released a new TLR-6 100 lumen light for it. The runtime is still the same as prior, 1 hour for the light, 11 hours for the laser only function.

In addition, Streamlight is also releasing TLR-6 WMLs without lasers, with an eye towards LE departments that don't allow for lasers on WMLs.

Streamlight TL-Racker

The new TL-Racker shotgun forend up close...

Another big change for Streamlight is the introduction of the TL-Racker, a shotgun forend with an integrated 850 lumen white light. The forend felt ergonomic in the hand, and offers a much better value than the competitive offering from Surefire, as it should hit the market somewhere in the $130-180 price range. The light uses two CR-123A batteries, and versions for both the Remington 870, and Mossberg 500/590 shotguns should be available.

...and from a little further away.

Streamlight's 2019 SHOT lineup is quite impressive, as they have listened to the customers, and created new products, or updated previous ones to improve upon the design.

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