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Most people don't think of flashlights needing to be rugged. As a thing that lives in a kitchen drawer, or glovebox, the average person is more likely to buy a new light for fun before killing what they already own. That said, some of us put our gear through hell, intentionally or otherwise, and durability is a major factor in purchasing decisions. Recently on the Primary & Secondary Discord server, user Joseph gave us an interesting story about his Streamlight HLX. Here are his words:

Joseph's Streamlight Story

I just found my flashlight I lost back in March or so, and it still works. Given where I found it, it fell out of my pocket back then getting out of my truck when I was clearing downed tree limbs as I found it getting out of my truck to empty out what I'm cleaning up today. Was sitting there for 9 months or so.

Streamlight Durability
The location where Joseph lost, then later found, his Streamlight

It's two tone now, a reddish on one side and still black on the other. Don't remember exactly which side was up as I did move it before taking the first picture. And according to my Nitecore charger the battery is still nearly fully charged. So, it's been sitting out there since February, and was buried under a few feet of snow after that. Think I lost it on President's day, as it was a holiday and I took the opportunity to do some mid-winter cleanup as the weather was decent.

Losing your stuff is never fun, and finding it out in the wild is a rare occasion. When those instances pop up, rarely does our formerly lost equipment function properly, especially when the outdoors is involved. If a light can stand up to this kind of abuse, then it will likely do just fine in day-to-day use.

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Closing Thoughts

We're big fans of Streamlight here on Primer Peak, and this story reinforces that appreciation. From the 1L-1AA, to the Microstream, HLX, and more, I've yet to be let down by the brand. If you're looking for a handheld light, I highly recommend checking out what Streamlight has to offer. We don't have a relationship with the company, but they keep earning our money because of stories like this.

Author's Note: Shout out to Joseph for giving me permission to share his story. It's real world examples like these that help us know how gear performs, and allows us to make informed decisions and recommendations. 

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