45 Colt Lever Action Carbine For Hunting Hog

After making the first video, 45 Colt Old But Still Useful with the 45 Colt Buffalo Bore 225gr Anti Personnel round, I received a couple of emails asking if the full wadcutter of the Buffalo Bore would feed in a carbine/lever action. I decided this would make for good content.


If I could get the Buffalo Bore full wadcutter to feed, I wanted to step it up a notch. I brought along a 1-inch board and a 2-inch block of modeling clay to simulate bone and muscle, sitting in front of clear ballistics gel. No this is not scientific but it would give me some idea of how both bullets would perform on soft animal tissue.

I also brought along my hand loaded 300gr XTP to test against the Buffalo Bore. I have hunted with these hand loads before and know they will get the job done on hogs. Unfortunately, during that trip I was not able to recover the bullet. This test would at least give me an idea on how loads I rely upon in 45 Colt performs on hogs and thin skin animals like deer.

I hope you found the video informing and entertaining. Visit Day At The Range for more in-depth detailed reviews, check out The Reloaders Network for a family friendly place for all things reloading.

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