6/12 Gun Deals: Peltor, Vortex, & Brownells BRN-22 TD

The 6/12 gun deals make me way happier than normal because Amazon is currently running a sale on the Peltor Tactical line of electronic muffs. We have reviewed the Peltor Tactical 500 a while back and I found the muffs to be nothing short of superb so seeing them for under a hundred bucks is pretty cool.

Peltor Tactical 100 Electronic Shooting Muffs – $45.05 (Normally $89.99)

I keep a set of Peltor Tactical 100 muffs in my truck for a loaner set and as a back up to my backup spare Peltor Tactical 500 muffs. They are pretty dang good for $45.05 but if I could afford it I would absolutely recommend stepping it up to the Peltor Tactical 500 muffs for the added sound reduction.

Peltor Tactical 300 Electronic Shooting Muffs – $68.80 (Normally $149.99)

I have no experience with the Peltor Tactical 300 muffs, but I expect that they are in line with the rest of the Peltor Tactical lineup.

Peltor Tactical 500 Bluetooth Electronic Shooting Muffs – $93.57 (Normally $199.99)

The Peltor Tactical 500 Bluetooth muffs are still my go-to muffs when shooting indoors or by myself, because I can enjoy some music while focusing on skill building. I even bought a second pair of them to keep in my truck should I have a need for ear protection when I wasn’t planning on needing it.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 Scope – $199 after Academy Gift Card mailed after purchase (Normally $299)

Sure, the Vortex Strike Eagle isn’t the greatest scope on the planet, but it is very useable and can be a great option for a budget build. I find the glass on the two I own to be clear enough to not bug me even though I am a bit of an optics snob.

Brownells BRN-22 Takedown Receiver With Rail – $89 Shipped with filler item & coupon code MDX (Normally $149.99)

While I love the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, there is one aspect to the rifle that makes me endlessly angry …. the tiny screws that attach the rail to the top of the receiver. When Brownells announced the BRN-22 Takedown receiver I was ecstatic to see a railed option that did away with the tiny screws.

We currently have one of these in for review and I can say that so far, the BRN-22 Takedown receiver has done nothing other than impress me.

You will need a filler to get the receiver for the $89 shipped and use the coupon code MDX.

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