Civil Defense Rifle (CDR) WWSD from Brownells and KE Arms


Over the past year we've been providing updates on the What Would Stoner Do (WWSD) rifle. This collaboration between InRangeTV, Brownells, and KE Arms brings to life what some think Eugene Stoner would've made had he had modern technology when first creating the AR-15. The WWSD2020 rifle impressed many shooters, but many were left hanging due to the price tag and low availability. Luckily there's a now a solution in the Civil Defense Rifle (CDR)!

The CDR bridges the gap between a conventional AR-15 and the WWSD2020. Focusing on lightweight parts, while removing some of the pieces that were bottlenecking production, the CDR looks like a home run. For more information, check out Forgotten Weapon's announcement video. As a side note, also check out The Suited Shootist's Woodhouse sling hiding in the background.

Guns are available now as complete rifles. MSRP on the CDR is $1,249.95. You can buy yours from Brownells >>HERE<<

Civil Defense Rifle (CDR) Press Release from Brownells

The Civil Defense Rifle (CDR) is a joint development between KE Arms & InRangeTV.

With a similar thought process to the fully featured WWSD2020, the CDR is a lightweight, modern carbine, ready out of the box for hard use.  The heart of the CDR is the KP-15 polymer lower receiver, which provides extreme durability out of a lightweight platform.  The integral buttstock, grip and buffer tube strengthen the polymer structure, allowing it to hold up to extreme drop tests and torture testing.  Ambidextrous safety selector allows for ease of operation from any position.  The included KE Arms DMR Trigger provides a crisp and clean trigger pull, with short rest.  Unlike the WWSD, the CDR has a standard bolt catch and magazine release, as well as a standard carbine buffer & spring.

The upper receiver included with the CDR is similar to the WWSD, with no forward assist, reducing unnecessary parts and potential failure points. Black nitride bolt carrier group provides excellent corrosion resistance and lubricity.  KE Arms Enhanced Charging Handle ensures reliable operation. The lightweight Faxon 16 inch pencil barrel combined with a KE Arms 12.5 inch Delta-S handguard make for an excellent handling rifle, with no unnecessary weight up front.  Barrel has a 1-8 twist and is chambered for 5.56x45mm.  The mid-length gas system contributes to a soft shooting setup.  Capping the barrel is an A2 flash hider.

Total Unloaded Weight: 5.11 lbs

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  1. Problem with this is that you can't make it AW ban-compliant. I suppose you could saw off the pistol grip, but that would make for quite an awkward hold.

    • Depends on the terms of a ban. While that definitely could be a problem, it isn't a guarantee.

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