Conceal Carry During Pregnancy | The First Trimester

Conceal carry carrying during pregnancy while pregnant first trimester

The day before Thanksgiving 2023 I saw the faintest line appear on a pregnancy test, and a few days later the word “PREGNANT” showed up on another one. I was without a doubt with child. As I near the end of the first trimester, I just wanted to take the time to share some of what I have learned as a conceal carrier and first time Mama to Baby Primer Peak.

Conceal carry carrying during pregnancy while pregnant first trimester
There is a baby!

The Stakes of Conceal Carrying While Pregnant

Now that you are pregnant you are not only conceal carrying to defend your life, but also to defend the life of your unborn baby. I know when I had that realization the stakes became a lot higher, and my risk tolerance a lot lower.

Being pregnant furthers the disparity of force between you and a would be attacker. That being said, if you haven’t been a consistent conceal carrier, now is the time to become one.

Now is also the time to avoid danger as much as possible. Unfortunately we don’t live in a world where you can be 100% safe, but tap into your street smarts and MUC skills. The old adage “don’t go stupid places, with stupid people, at stupid times” applies heavily. Fill up your gas tank during the day, and not after dark. Be aware of your surroundings and look out for things that just don’t feel right. If your gut is telling you to leave, listen. It doesn’t matter if you’ve offended a stranger by jumping off the elevator before your floor than it is to be in a dangerous situation.

Training During Pregnancy

Training is just as important now as it was before you became pregnant. However, it will look a little different. Julie Golob wrote a free e-book called Shooting While Pregnant, you can get your copy from her website. This FREE resource is only 8 pages, and goes into more detail than I will.

The main concerns of shooting while pregnant is lead exposure, and noise. While there are things you can do to mitigate the lead exposure and noise you will be exposing baby to in utero, it’s best to make these decisions with your doctor and with your partner.

You might be asking yourself, “so what training can I do then”? That’s a great question! You can dry practice! Even better if you have a blue gun or a SIRT pistol which will further limit the lead you will be exposed to. If you don’t have either, you can still dry fire with your carry gun. Just be sure to wash your hands with cold water and lead removing soap after your practice session.

There are also a lot of classes you can take while pregnant! If you sign up for nothing else, I strongly encourage you to sign up for the lecture of The Armed Parent/Guardian. I encourage the not pregnant partner to take the entire course! Primer Peak editor (and my baby daddy) and I took this class twice, and I’m so glad we did.

In a follow up article I will list some of the other classes you can take while pregnant. You can read that >>HERE<<.

Conceal carry carrying during pregnancy while pregnant first trimester
Baby Primer Peak

Other Considerations for Conceal Carry While Pregnant

As a first time mom, the first trimester hit a lot harder than I realized it would. I’ve never been so tired, my boobs have never hurt this bad, and my tummy felt so uncomfortably bloated. All of this lead me to consider if my current conceal carry set up is ideal for this time of my life.

I typically carry in the Flash Bang, and as my breasts have gotten larger and more sensitive I’ve found a lot more discomfort. Only recently do I fit comfortably and fully into my bras, so I don’t have a need to size up yet, but as I fill in the cups, less room is left for my Smith & Wesson 351c.

Getting Sensitive

I was also surprised at how early my waistline became sensitive. When I was only 5 weeks I drove home from a dinner with friends and I was so uncomfortable I unbuttoned my jeans on the way home. That being said, AIWB is not comfortable for me.

Don’t be surprised if you need to change up how you conceal carry. Off body carry (in a fanny pack or purse) is rarely offered, let alone taught, as a viable option. After attending the Pat Roger’s Memorial Revolver Round Up this past year, and taking Darryl Bolke’s Off Body Carry class, my opinion on the matter has changed. Opting to carry in a Flash Bang might take the pressure off your ever growing tummy. Or you might just decide to power through and carry AIWB like you always have. However you are carrying, just be sure to get some practice in with it.

Conclusion on Conceal Carry While Pregnant During the First Trimester

There are a lot of changes already going on, and there are only more to come. As you plan everything for baby, don’t forget to plan how you will protect them. Over the coming months we will give updates for each trimester. Keep an eye out here to learn how things change over time, and how you can help protect yourself and the new life inside of you! If  you want to learn more about conceal carrying while pregnant, check out my other articles below!

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