A Black 19X? The Glock 45 & Glock 17 MOS Gen5 Leaked

If you are looking for a black Glock 19X, you might be in luck in a few days when the new Glock 45 is presumed to be announced. The new Glock 45 was leaked by the German magazine Caliber in their October digital issue. Also leaked by Glock Europe was a Gen5 Glock 17 MOS, an addition that to the Glock line that will make Glockophiles happy I am sure.

The Glock 45

A graphic for the new Glock 45 was leaked earlier tonight through a German source. While we were not able to verify the source of the leak, it appears that it is genuine. At first glance, the new pistol appears to basically be a black Glock 19X.

Since we don’t speak German, a translation from a Reddit thread about the black Glock 19X was very useful.

The G45 in 9×19, like the G19X, specially developed for military requests, combines the compact closure of a G19 with the full size grip of a G17. The G45 features the features of a Gen5 pistol model and the proven GLOCK Safe Action System. More information can be found at www.glock.com

It seems very strange that Glock would not introduce the black Glock 19X … err, I mean the Glock 45 as a MOS model right out of the gate. I do have to admit that I am rather happy that they didn’t, the MOS system is a bit flawed and makes milling by a custom shop like ATEi or K&M very hard.

The new pistol appears to be near identical to the Glock 19X that launched early this year with the exception that it is now black, has forward serrations from the factory, and likely wears the same slide finish as the rest of the Gen5 lineup.

The only other change we are able to spot is the small toe on the front of the grip appears to be gone and the Gen5 magwell appears to be present on the gun.

There is no indication as to what Glock will be charging for the new Glock 45 but I suspect it will be in line with the Glock 19X’s MSRP of $749.

The Gen5 Glock 17 MOS

In addition to the new Glock 45 being leaked, new forward serration Glock 34 Gen5 and Glock 17 Gen5 pistols were also leaked by Academy Sports and Outdoors. While the links are now dead, Reddit user MadPuggle was able to snag a screenshot of the Glock 17 Gen 5 MOS.

The legitimacy of the new Glock 17 model was confirmed by going to the Glock Europe site where the new Gen5 Glock 17 MOS was featured on their homepage.

Unfortunately, we were not able to see the pricing on the new Gen5 Glock 17 MOS before Academy pulled the page off the internet.

The Gen5 Glock 34 MOS

The Gen5 Glock 34 MOS with forward serrations is apparently already in Redditor micurr5’s hands as he posted a photo of the new configuration sporting a Streamlight TLR-1 HL and a couple of mags full of Federal HST ammo.

He was even kind enough to post the label from the box the new forward serration model came in. It looks like the new configuration has a new SKU of PA343S202MOS instead of the old model’s PA3430103MOS SKU. A google search for the new number showed no results.


Sadly no idea what the new configuration of Gen5 Glock 34 is going to run at this time.

What Is The Glock 44?

Currently, there is no photo of the Glock 44 on the web but I suspect the new pistol will be released either on the September 24th release date as planned or will be held back for a Shot Show announcement.

Since the tiny little Sig P365 stole most of the Glock 43’s thunder, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some ultra-compact 9mm that was a direct competitor launched with a quickness. I imagine that a competing pistol was one of the first things that Glock tasked their engineers with the second the 365 was announced last Shot Show.

Do You Want One?

I don’t know about you, but there just isn’t anything that the guns that were leaked that make me want to hop onto Brownells and place an order as soon as they are available. I guess if I didn’t already have a badass Glock 19X that has been Dougified I might think real hard about the Glock 45.

The other two models are not something that I am interested in personally. I still maintain that for my purposes, the Gen4 guns are ideal.

What do you think about the new models? Are you going to add one to your safe or are you going to pass on the new models like me?

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  1. Gaston was told to produce the G-45 at the 1994 SHOT Show in Dallas by federal LE aviators. He was also told to produce the 17C, at that meeting. Over shrimp. Sometimes it just takes Glock a while to get a grip on what the market wants!

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