Initial Thoughts on the Glock 48

Glock 48

Shortly after writing "Why the Glock 48 is Popular with Women" I decided to purchase one of my own! This is the first gun I have ever purchased, and so far I am very pleased.


To summarize, the Glock 48 is a popular choice with female shooters because Glock is a reliable brand, has a decent 10+1 capacity, thinner grip circumference, and is easy enough to conceal. For all of these reasons, I felt comfortable purchasing the G48, and can attest that it is also enjoyable to shoot. I will note that I think part of the reason I enjoy shooting it so much is because it is my gun, and I am now most familiar with it.

Before purchasing, I had not shot a Glock 48. A few weeks before I rented a Glock 43x from the range, and I shot my husband's Glock 34. I had a fairly negative experience with both for different reasons. The G43x has a shorter barrel which left me experiencing more recoil. I was disappointed because the frame is similar dimensions to the G48, so I loved how it fit in my hands. Unfortunately, shooting it was stressful for me. My husband's G34 felt fine for me to shoot, but was too big for my hand. I repeatedly shot the G34 down and to the left as my grip loosened to reach the trigger. There is nothing wrong with the G43x and the G34, but they are not good choices for me. Before purchasing, I knew that the G48 was going to be somewhere in between the G43x and G34.

Initial Thoughts

Glock 48
After four long months my slide was back with a new red dot!

At the time of writing I have put about 1,200 rounds through my Glock 48. The first 500 rounds brought me through some short range trips with my husband, and a class offered by a local range. We sent the slide off to be milled for a Holosun 407K, which unfortunately took it out of my hands for over four months. During that time I endured through the FN509T, and ultimately landed on a S&W J-Frame as my backup.


I have yet to have a malfunction while using the Glock 48. The occasional stoppage resulting from a poor grip, or not properly seating the magazine has occurred.  Neither issue reflects negatively on the gun, nor the manufacturer.

Features: Yays and Nays

The Glock 48 has the slide lock, and a magazine release common with other Glocks. Its single stack magazine offers smaller grip circumference for smaller hands.

Glock 48
Secure grip for my tiny lady hands

The biggest issue I personally have is in relation to capacity. I am limited to 10+1 rounds unless I carry a flush fit Shield Arms magazine (with 15+1 rounds). Shield Arms also offers a magazine extension to their magazines for an additional five rounds, bringing the total to 20. Unlike Glock magazines, which feature a polymer shell on top of the metal magazine body, Shield Arms are entirely metal, providing more internal space for ammunition. This is why they can fit more rounds in the same space.

Unfortunately repeated usage of entirely metal magazines shaves away the polymer magazine release that comes with Glock pistols. You may choose to replace the Glock magazine release with a metal one from Shield Arms, but unfortunately then the Glock magazines will be destroyed by the new magazine release. The owner needs to decide if they'd rather carry a higher capacity magazine, and change their magazine release, or carry with the factory parts. Since Shield Arms magazines are more expensive and far less common, I decided to carry with the factory magazine release and use Glock magazines for my Glock 48. If and when there are times I need to carry a spare magazine, my plan is to carry a Shield Arms magazine for the reload. A single magazine change won't be enough to permanently damage my gun.

Why I Recommend the Glock 48

Ultimately I chose a Glock 48 because it felt like a happy medium of a Glock 43, and a Glock 34. As a new shooter, and new to conceal carry I wanted a gun that I was confident I could shoot. The Glock 48 has a longer barrel than the Glock 43, so recoil is minimized. Less recoil leads to more enjoyment shooting, more desire to practice, and more confidence in my ability should I be in a violent encounter. Unlike the massive Glock 34, I can easily secure a purchase on the grip and know my rounds won't drop as I reach for the trigger. A compact gun is also easier to conceal on my body as I run errands, or play with my nieces and nephew.

While I wouldn't say it's the best gun for every new, and/or female shooter, it's definitely the best first gun I could have purchased.

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