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Having established standards for our shooting is important. Even more so when conceal carrying, providing private sector training, or running an agency. While standards vary based upon need, having a widely understood baseline can be helpful. This is where the FBI Pistol Qualification Course comes into play.

Everyone is familiar with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It's a fairly broad assumption with the general public that their agents are highly trained marksmen. Their standards are the same across the country and abroad, and are easily accessible to the masses. This access and high regard makes for an excellent model when looking at civilian training. Who wouldn't want to tell a potential jury that they can shoot equally well or better than FBI agents? With this in mind, let's find out how to set up this course for ourselves.

Setting Up the FBI Pistol Qualification Course

For this drill you'll need an FBI QIT-99 target or similar such as the IALEFI-Q, IDPA torso, etc. Bring your pistol and holster, 50 rounds, at least one spare magazine, a timer, and a 25 yard range. This course is meant to be fired from concealment, but there are no penalties for OWB/duty holsters.

The Course of Fire

  1. 3 yards (6 rounds)
    1. Draw and fire 3 rounds, strong hand only, then switch hands and fire 3 rounds support hand only. Par time 6 seconds
  2. 5 yards (12 rounds)
    1. Draw and fire 3 rounds. Par time 3 seconds
    2. From low ready fire 3 rounds. Par time 2 seconds
    3. From low ready fire 6 rounds. Par time 4 seconds
  3. 7 yards (18 rounds)
    1. Draw and fire 5 rounds. Par time 5 seconds
    2. Start with only 4 rounds in the gun. From low ready, fire 4 rounds, perform a slide lock reload, then fire 4 more rounds. Par time 8 seconds
    3. From the ready fire 5 rounds. Par time 4 seconds
  4. 15 yards (6 rounds)
    1. Draw and fire 3 rounds in 6 seconds
    2. From the ready fire 3 rounds. Par time 5 seconds
  5. 25 yards (8 rounds)
    1. Draw and fire 4 rounds, standing, then drop to kneeling and fire 4 more rounds. Par time 20 seconds

Scoring this Course of Fire

Scoring is straight forward. Using the QIT-99 target, any hit inside the silhouette counts for two points. Rounds landing outside the silhouette subtract two points. Shots that occur after the par time are scored as a miss. For those bad at math, with 50 rounds available, each worth 2 points each, the maximum score is 100. Shooters need 80 points to pass, with 90 points being required for instructors.

When using alternative targets, try to follow a similar method to that of the QIT-99. For example, hits outside the "-1" on an IDPA torso count as a complete miss due to sizing considerations.

Range Time with the FBI Pistol Qualification Course

I have had three opportunities to fire the FBI Pistol Qualification Course since 2017. These have resulted in a 96%, 100%, and a 97%. For those noticing math not quite adding up, there is a 60 round version of this course, which results in slightly different scores.

Valor Ridge Official Target
Results from my FBI style qualification, using a stock Gen 4 G19, circa 2017

Overall I think this is an excellent course of fire to have on record for any shooter. It is far from the most challenging thing I've come across, but it's easily digestible and tests a variety of skills. If you're a conceal carrier, you should strive to pass this with a 90% or better. I know most gun owners I come across would struggle to make the 80% mark.

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