Halloween - What to Bring for a Successful Holiday [2023]

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Halloween is a night loved by nearly every child in America. From the costumes, to the candy, haunted houses and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Lately I'm finding myself feeling the fall spirit, getting more excited about decorating than even my wife. Of course the holiday isn't all fun and games. Whether you're escorting trick-or-treating children, or making your way to an adults-only Halloween party, you may need to bring a few things outside of your normal EDC. Here are some of our suggestions for a safe and successful All Hallow's Eve.

White Light

A good flashlight is always at the top of my list of must-have carry equipment. On a night like Halloween, you'll almost certainly spend more time outside after dark than usual. This may mean swapping your eye-melting Modlite for something with a little more battery life. The chunky plastic Walmart specials are always popular, but I would guide you towards something higher quality. Something like the Streamlight Stinger or Macrostream, or maybe the Surefire EDCL2-T. Having the ability to instantly swap batteries may come in handy if the night drags on longer than expected.

Surefire EDCL2-T Side Profile
An excellent all-around EDC light.

These lights will help you keep track of your loved ones, illuminate your path, and hopefully ward off--or at least positively identify--any potential threats.

Pepper Spray

This is another staple of a well rounded carry loadout. Unfortunately, not everyone who roams the street tonight is on the prowl for candy or a good scare. Pepper spray will also work fantastically on the occasional rogue dog looking to make a meal out of you. Keeping a can of POM or Sabre on your person will give you the opportunity to defend yourself, creating opportunities to escape or move to another level of force if necessary.

Good Footwear

If your trick-or-treating experience is anything like mine growing up, you're going to walk a lot further than you expect. As an adult, you'll probably be on your feet at a party, or walking alongside your children on their journey. Stylish shoes make us feel good, but can make you pay the price in pain in short order. Take care of your feet and they'll take care of you. This will make for a more enjoyable night, and save you from the recovery process afterwards.

Battery Pack

Any celebration calls for pictures. You may also find yourself making calls to coordinate between friends, using GPS to find your way there and back, or using every other app and doo-dad offered by modern smart phones. This means that your battery will be draining in short order. A small battery pack will help keep your electronics running, to include some rechargeable flashlights. Now you'll be able to call for help in an emergency, schedule an Uber after a party, or keep taking pictures of your not-so-memorable night.


How long do you plan to stay out? Do you know how to get to your destination and back again? If you haven't thought out your night, you may come up short later on. This doesn't mean you need military style mission planning, but a rough outline will be valuable.

Spare Clothes

There are two Halloween nights that stand out for me where spare clothes either could've or did make a huge difference. The first took place in my youth, with a constant mist quickly soaking my cheap costume, made worse by rapidly dropping temperatures. This led to an unpleasant night, and several days of sickness afterwards. The next example comes from my early 20's, taking a date to the local amusement park for a spooky night out. She showed up in a short dress and tall heels, despite the miles of walking ahead of us. In the short distance from my car to the entrance, my date decided her high heels were the wrong choice, causing us to head back to the car. Luckily, she planned ahead, throwing on some converse, allowing the night to continue.

Car Emergency Kit
An assortment of issue fleeces, ponchos, and coats that live in my car

From spare shoes, to warm clothes, a rain jacket and more, a change of clothes can make the difference between a nice night and discomfort.

Wrapping Up

Have you thought through your Halloween night? Hopefully this helps you have a more successful and comfortable holiday. For an additional resource, even the CDC has come up with a list of recommendations.

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