New TorkMag Ultra-Capacity Magazines for AR-15

TorkMag is announcing the new ultra-capacity AR-15 magazines. The new AR-15 mags appear to be using a dual spring setup in these magazines making it a rather interesting take on AR15 mags. MSRP will be $19.95 for the TorkMag-35 and $39.95 for the TorkMag-50. TorkMag is taking preorders now and is scheduled to ship this summer. More information can be found at their website




TorkMag, Inc. of Fort Myers, Florida is proud to announce our premiere product line of 35- and 50-round polymer AR15 magazines. Our revolutionary 50-round magazine is less than an inch longer than competitors’ 40-round magazines and retails for $39.95 MSRP, a fraction of the cost of existing 50+ round magazines and drums. The 35-round version ($19.95 MSRP) is roughly the size of standard 30-round magazines.

TorkMag’s dual spring, balanced torque system actively equalizes force on the nose and tail of loaded rounds, preventing bolt-over-base and bullet nose diving malfunctions. Because their workload is shared, both springs can be reduced in size while still providing optimum resistance and reliability.

Future projects include a flush-fitting 19-round Glock 17 magazine currently in the prototype phase. TorkMag is a privately owned company that’s fully dedicated to developing inventive designs and leveraging patented technology to give professional, competitive, and recreational shooters a leg up on what’s come before.

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