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If you've been following Primer Peak for the last few years, you'll know that we don't typically cover NRAAM. For those unfamiliar, NRAAM stands for NRA Annual Meeting, it's kind of like SHOT Show with more NRA. Well this year NRAAM has been going off, with drops of stellar products not previously seen. With this in mind, we thought we'd give a wrap up of some things that stood out to us.

Magpul at NRAAM 2024

As with most years, Magpul released a bunch of stuff this year. That said, a few things really stood out to me, which is what I'll be covering here.

SIG Sauer P320 Grip Modules

This one is a long time coming. Magpul has been an obvious contender in the P320 market, yet they've been silent up until now. Finally we have Magpul options for SIG P320 grip modules! Currently there are four options: Compact, or Full Size, plus safety or no-safety for those running M18 and M17 pistols. Additionally, users have a choice of black or Flat Dark Earth coloration.

NRAAM 2024
One of Magpul's P320 frames

With their reputation for excellence, I imagine these products will do well despite their late introductions. MSRP is $59.95 across all versions.

ELG Lever Action Rifle Stock

While not as long awaited, I know some of us levergun enthusiasts have been asking for SGL stock conversions. Magpul did us one better and has built dedicated lever action rifle furniture. The ELG line offers some incredible features that I wouldn't have dreamed to see all in one place. We'll let them spell it out for you.

The stock allows for 1.5 inches of overall LOP adjustment (from 12.5ʺ to 14.0ʺ in 0.5ʺ increments.) It also ships with a cheek riser and two (2) 0.25ʺ shims for a total comb height adjustment of 0.75ʺ, which attaches to the internal storage compartment door. The stock has an internal storage area, complete with a quiver for six (6) .45-70 Gov’t or 30-30 Win cartridges, and an open storage compartment insert.

NRAAM 2024
Magpul's new ELG stock for Marlin rifles

The ELG M-LOK Stock also accepts Magpul Type 1 and Type 2 QD cups for a mounting a sling, and two (2) M-LOK slots reside on each side for further accessory mounting options such as an ammo saddle. Rounding out the stock’s state-of-the-art feature set is a sling swivel located in the bottom of the pistol grip which allows for shorter slings and a higher muzzle-down carry option.

ELG Forend

Additionally, the ELG lineup also includes a forend option as well. Here are the details.

The Enhanced Lever Gun (ELG) M-LOK Hand Guard is a lever-action hand guard designed to optimize the functionality of the Marlin 1895-pattern series of lever-action rifles. The hand guard is 12” long and attaches to the firearm using a patented mechanism that only requires the user to remove the OEM or other manufactured hand guard and end cap.

NRAAM 2024
Magpul's ELG handguard

The ELG Hand Guard has six (6) M-LOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions for mounting a host of accessories to help shooters make the most out of their classic hunting or home-defense rig. If a shooter wants the adaptability of the M-LOK system but wants to keep the firearm’s clean look while improving purchase on the gun when firing modern, heavy-recoiling .45-70 Gov’t rounds, the ELG Hand Guard is compatible with both Type 1 and Type 2 Magpul Rail Covers. The ELG has an integrated hand stop at the front of the hand guard.

The ELG Hand Guard currently fits ONLY Marlin 1895-pattern guns with the hand guard retaining cap. It will not fit 1894/336 pattern guns without modifications and will require a dovetail hand guard tenon to be added to any gun using a barrel band to retain the OEM hand guard.

Coming in black, FDE, and OD green, there's something for everyone. Currently the ELG line support Marlin 336, 1895, and 1894 rifles. MSRP on the ELG stock is $139.99, with the handguard coming in at $79.95.

Taurus at NRAAM 2024

Taurus is continuing their trend of bringing out winners. One of these is something we've been asking for for quite some time. The other is a complete surprise, but one that's quickly growing on me.


Primer Peak Senior Writer Paul Whaley is a big fan of the TX22. He's put thousands upon thousands of rounds through them, probably more than anyone I know. Thanks to his work on multiple examples, I trust the TX22. That said, the full size variant wasn't without shortcoming. Luckily, that's now changing.

NRAAM 2024
Courtesy of Taurus

The TX22 TORO brings the slide-mounted optics of the Compact version to the full size pistol. This means from the factory you have the ability to add a K-Series optic, just like with many centerfire pistols. That turns the TX22 into a good range toy into a legitimate carry piece for those who need reduced recoil. With both 16 and 22-round magazines available, you've got plenty of rounds on board with virtually zero muzzle rise.

If you're looking for a rimfire handgun, the TX22 TORO will likely fit the bill. MSRP is $363.99.

Executive Grade 692

The 692, and greater Tracker series, has never been on my radar as a revolver enthusiast. I hadn't heard anything negative, but there just wasn't anything there for me. Then at NRAAM this year, Taurus dropped an Executive Grade version of the 692, completely catching me off guard. Initially scoffing this, it's starting to grow on me.

NRAAM 2024
The new 692 Executive Grade. Courtesy of Taurus.

The 692 Executive gives you a ported, three-inch barrel topped with their brass rod front sight. Wooden grips are dramatically cut to allow easy access for loaders, which is a welcome addition. Cylinders are easily swappable using a frame-mounted button. This allows users to quickly change from .357 Magnum to 9x19 using moon clips. With rising ammunition costs, the ability to shoot 9mm in a mid-size wheelgun is an increasingly attractive option to me. All of this is in addition to the standard Executive Grade hand-finishing associated with this tier of firearm. Personally, this is the most exciting drop of NRAAM for me.

Keep an eye out for 692 Executive Grade content from us in the future. MSRP is $1106.99

Shield Arms at NRAAM 2024

We've spoken about Shield Arms a few times in the past. I'm a big fan of their Glock magazine extensions, and Paul is a long term user of their S15 magazines for the Glock 48. That's a lot of Glock content, but their big reveal for NRAAM takes a different path.

ROC - Revolver Optic Conversion

I was shocked when I first saw pictures of the ROC, or Revolver Optic Conversion. For years people have been trying to strap optics onto small frame revolvers, and they typically come up short. Some may find this silly, but I'm certainly intrigued.

Using the side plate screws is something I don't think I've seen tried before. Overall the mount is fairly low profile and looks very natural, which is a good sign. While optics will limit your carry options, the improvements in sight picture may be worthwhile for your role. I imagine one of us revolver nerds will pick one of these up to test out. This melding of past and modern technology is what I'm here for.

Heritage Manufacturing at NRAAM 2024

Heritage is best known for their budget single action revolvers. However, they've been slowly expanding their lineup, starting with double barrel shotguns during SHOT24. For NRAAM they brought us something I don't think anyone expected.


If you've been around Snub Noir or are a fan of noir in general, you may know the term Roscoe. In short, a "Roscoe" is a snub nose revolver, usually in .38 Special. Think the gangster era, Humphry Bogart, Dick Tracy, etc. Wooden grip panels, hammer spurs, blue steel, and a whole lot of style. Michael deBethencourt would be proud.

NRAAM 2024
The two-inch Roscoe. Courtesy of Heritage Manufacturing

Well Heritage is bringing it back with their Roscoe snub nose revolver. Coming in both two and three-inch versions, the Roscoe is a 5-shot .38 Special +P revolver with a steel frame. Both versions sport fixed sights, hammer spurs, and a glossy blue finish. A quick glance at the gun shows that these are made by Taurus, who owns Heritage. MSRP on both versions is $363.99.

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