Palmetto State Armory - SHOT Show 2024

Palmetto State Armory SHOT Show 2024

While walking the floor of SHOT, both Erick Gelhaus and Matt Haught told me I needed to go to the Palmetto State Armory booth. I was confused, as their standard fare doesn't seem to line up with what these I picture these guys getting enthusiastic about.

Palmetto State Armory PSA 570 Shotgun - SHOT Show 2024

This is one nobody was expecting. Think of the PSA 570 as an amalgamation of Remington 870, Mossberg 590, and propriety parts. The design theory here is to take what PSA has done with personalization of AR's and do that with the shotgun.

Palmetto State Armory SHOT Show 2024
Note the action release on the side of the receiver, and the safety just behind the optic cut

The 570 is still a concept gun, so things may change. That said, here's what PSA had on display today. The gun takes Remington stocks and forends, while the internals are unique to the 570. Every model is optics ready, and includes a notch-style rear sight as a cover plate. Front sights are user-swappable and are compatible with Glock front sights.

A Little Different, a Little Same

No parts are staked in place. Magazine tools screw into the receiver and are largely independent of the barrel. That means shooters can easily swap between barrel and magazine tube lengths without worrying about compatibility. The area around the loading port is beveled and smoothed to facilitate rapid loading without damaging hands. Curiously, the action release is located on the right side of the receiver, near where your finger would rest when not firing. I could see concerns here for lefties or those with shorter fingers, but it worked well for me.

Palmetto State Armory SHOT Show 2024
A simple wrench allows for easy changing of the magazine tube

OEM furniture is visually similar to those available from Magpul. The stock features adjustable length of pull, as well as QD sockets for sling use. The forend features MLOK slots for accessory mounting, and is lightly textured to improve purchase. Triggers are straight and smooth, making for a solid press. A Mossberg style tang safety tops the receiver, just behind the optics cut.

As a concept gun, there is no release date, or MSRP for the PSA 570 shotgun at this time.

Emerge Bolt Action Rifle - Palmetto State Armory

PSA isn't just using their modular business model in ARs and shotguns. The Emerge is a concept bolt action rifle, using the same principles as the 570 shotgun. Based on the Remington 700, users can swap stocks, barrels, triggers, and more to customize the rifle to their liking. Examples included traditional wooden stocks, over-molded Hogue rubber, and a precision style polymer chassis. Each gun included an oversized and knurled bolt knob, along with a threaded barrel.

Palmetto State Armory SHOT Show 2024
Three examples of the Emerge rifle

Again, the release date and MSRP as unknown on the Emerge, due to its status as a concept gun. PSA is holding a vote on their website to see what their customers are most interested in from their other releases here at SHOT. Check it out and let your voice be heard!

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