Phantom QuickDraw | Dumbest Gun Product Of 2018?

Browsing through Instagram stories this morning I was assaulted by what might be the dumbest gun product released this year, the Phantom QuickDraw magnet holster thing. It isn't too often that something makes me shudder like Clint in Grand Torino.

There are a lot of publications that refuse to call out dumb stuff, that isn't how we play here. Firearm Rack was founded on the principle that consumers deserve the best information. After all, everyone that contributes to this site is a consumer that has had their hard earned cash swindled by someone selling snake oil.

While the Phantom QuickDraw isn't as dangerous when used with an empty chamber, but then you have stepped into another level of derp, Israeli carry. Use it with a round in the chamber and you are now carrying a pistol with an exposed trigger, an even higher level of dumb.

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Do you want to know what really caught my attention about the Phantom QuickDraw? The video below. It was a sponsored post on Instagram and showed up in my feed. If you watch closely, you see the person demoing the Phantom QuickDraw eject a live round.

But. But. But ..... Why?

Here are the still frames taken from the video above, notice what appears to be a single round of what appears to be Walmart special garbage JHP in his hand.

If you are a gun shop owner that is really into the idea of selling people a pure trash product, rest assured that they sell the Phantom QuickDraw in bulk. For the low price of $2,887.50, you can buy 150 pieces of pure, undiluted disappointment.

If you must know more about the Phantom QuickDraw, check out their website. The "holster" (if you can call it that) retails for $35, but you just flat out shouldn't order one. I would much rather you spend that $35 on hair gel, several bags of unsalted peanuts, or even something as bad as the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster.

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  1. My brother has a phantom one of the best things to have for your vehicle I have seen it in action it's very safe an a smart product you have no idea what you are talking about it's not a good idea to have a gun loaded an just laying anywhere in your vehicle you hit a bump or it falls because u have it laying on your console or seat your askin for trouble this helps prevent that an aquick a safe way to load an protect your self

    • No, Patrick is spot on here. There are a number of safer alternatives for secure storage of firearms in your vehicle, but this is not one of them. It may actually be worse than just sticking a gun under the center console. Here is a piece I wrote a few years ago covering the shortcomings of car holsters to help explain why you may want to look at more traditional safes:
      Seven Reasons Why Car Holsters are Bad

  2. Simple question... Did you test this product or are you just being bias because of other faulty magnet holsters? I can list tons of equipment and racking system's, techniques that law enforcement and armed services have used over the decades that sucked when they first came out. As with anything, advancement comes along knowledge, understanding and technology. Again, what grounds do you make your profesional judgement on?

  3. He's ejecting the round he just chambered. My guess is he's either demonstrating the removal of a live round after threat is deemed neutralized or he's showing that a round was, in fact, chambered. This mount's sole purpose for existing is for traveling without a round chambered, but having the ability to chamber/draw quickly when needed. You didn't pay attention to the video. That's the most important quality a gun owner can have, attention to detail. It's frightening to me that you carry. Nothing more dangerous than a confident dumbass.

  4. Maybe im missing something but if it works as advertised sure seems like a really cool idea. A way to store your handgun in a location and not have it chambered for little extra accidental discharge protection and being able to rack it while drawing it. Seems like a really cool thing if it actually works.

  5. I agree with the rest of the responses about this review. There is no explanation as to why this holster is so terrible. Only a dumbass would drive around with a bullet in the chamber and is why this exists. It allows you to leave the firearm unchambered and with a simple double move chamber the bullet and remove it from the holster in really one effort. This allows for guns without safety’s to used in a quick access situation. The reviewer is clearly too stupid to understand this and is obviously salty he didn’t come up with it.

    • It’s dangerous because in an accident the gun becomes a projectile.

      No one is salty here, we just dislike bad products that prey on those that don’t know better.

  6. You never even say why it is junk. Other than your flat out babbling you never make a good point about why its so bad. Sounds like you are jealous they came up with something you like but didnt think of first.

  7. As a female new gun owner, how would you recommend I carry my gun? I am not comfortable with a holster on my person. With all the riots and unrest in our country I need to know I can protect myself with my new SIG p238 380. The whole point of me having a gun is to protect myself. Is it ever ok to keep a bullet chambered? I would be very greatful for you advice. Thank ypu

    • Keeping a round chambered is a good practice of carrying your gun.

      As for a holster, there are a lot of options for good ones that are comfertable. What about a holster makes you uncomfortable?

    • The backer will become less stiff over time and can enter the trigger guard. Active Self Protection did a good video on the danger of hybrid holster design.

  8. I believe you should watch the video again. The claim you make is false. He is not demonstrating on a round already in chamber. It's on an empty first. At regular frame rate. Then on a mag inserted at regular frame rate. Then the same thing again at a slow frame rate. Whether you like the product or not, the video does not support your statement. Unless they changed the vid. I see your link says it has been removed. Here's what seems to be available for video demonstration currently:

  9. If words can set a tone, yours, to me, scream "I am an elitist jacka$$ who knows everything!" First time reading your reviews and because of your attitude concerning Israeli Carry, Car magnets and Junk JHP from Walmart may make it the last review. I am sorry that for me you came across as not a teacher but a spoiled soyboy; of course this is just my view and not the thousands who read you religiously.

    • Do I know everything? No. If my hope that my readers get better rather than putting out content that justifies bad decisions makes me elitest, fine. We don't cater to bad decisions here, this site is about good information and sometimes highlighting derpy products like this one. To be entirely frank, if you are not interested in improving as a gun owner, this is not the site for you.

      Israeli carry has been repeatedly proven to be sub-optimal using timers in a scientific setting.

      Car magnets have been proven to be a bad idea when you are in an accident and often result in people forgetting their gun in the car.

      Junk JHP from Walmart is again, sub-optimal. The way that you effectively alter someone's behavior with a firearm is well-placed bullets that expand reliably and leave a consistent wound track. Junk JHP might work, but it is not as good as a well-designed bullet-like Hydra-Shok Deep, Federal HST, Speer Gold Dot, or many other great designs.

  10. I appreciate your point of view. I don't mind the magnetized aspect of the product, especially if it is magnetized on 3-sides. I don't care for how the ad/demo emphasizes the one-handed racking ability. I always have a round chambered in my G43. If you know of, or have, a preferred vehicle holster/attachment, I'd love to hear about it. Cheers!

    • Personally I don't believe that car holsters are acceptable. There are too many things that can go wrong like the gun coming out of the holster or falling off the magnet. A good on body holster that is properly set up and doesn't make the legally armed person want to remove the gun when seated is far more preferable.

  11. Patrick - While I think I understand some of what you don't like about this "holster" just saying it's a bad idea does nothing to educate the novice/beginner. It might be more helpful and constructive to express what makes it a bad idea. Additionally, from the picture you show, how do you know the ammo is "junk JHP" vs not junk JHP? Or do you just not like JHP ammo at all? Again, perhaps explaining what it is about this ammo that makes it bad would help. And for my own education, what do you have against car holsters?

    • The ammo - The small cavity in the front of the bullet makes be think that is the older style of JHP produced by Remington for big box stores. The bullet is old tech and won't reliably create the trauma required to stop a bad person doing bad things with a physiological stop.

      Getting into why car holsters are not something I would ever recommend would be an entirely different post. The short version is that they require you to un-holster in a less than ideal position which increases the possibility of a ND, they also are less secure than a good IWB holster especially if you should be in an accident, and lastly the draw time for a lot of these is far slower than a good AIWB holster.

      I will be doing a video about car carry at some point. I want to link up with Will Petty of Centrifuge Training before I do that in order to ensure that the info is the best I can provide.

  12. Why do you hate it? Is it false advertising? Did it not perform as described? I think it is better then having a magnet there and the gun falls with one in the chamber..

    • It is a really bad idea, that is why. ALL magnet holsters are bad ideas. Israeli carry is a bad idea. Car holsters are a bad idea. Junk JHP ammo is a bad idea.

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