Reptilia CQG AR Pistol Grip Announced

The latest product from Reptilia Corp. has made its appearance: it's the "Reptilia CQG Pistol Grip."

According to Reptilia's release, the Reptilia CQG AR grip's smaller design was inspired by the old Colt 607 (think CAR15 SMG) and is a great fit for the ever-growing market selection of compact short-barreled rifles, AR15 pistols, and pistol caliber carbines. It would even be perfect on something like the CMMG MK47 K Mutant with an SB Tactical brace.

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The CQG features a more pronounced vertical grip angle, anti-slip front- and rear-texture, and an enhanced beavertail design, thus encouraging the shooter’s hand to be positioned higher on the grip, for greater control and improved comfort.

You can check out the Reptilia CQG online at the Reptilia home page, or find them at Brownells.

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