Snub Round Up Q&A with American Fighting Revolver [2024]

American Fighting Revolver

A few months ago we brought you some details on the Snub Round Up with American Fighting Revolver. As a refresher, this is a two-day, revolver centric training event. Taking place in Laurens, South Carolina on August 3-4, shooters will work with four of the top revolver instructors in the country. Topics range from effective reloading, conceal carry specifics, and more.

Recently, I reached out to Darryl Bolke, one of the minds behind American Fighting Revolver, to ask some questions about the Snub Round Up.

Snub Round Up Q&A with American Fighting Revolver

Q1: Tell us a little about yourself for those who may be unfamiliar with your background.

Darryl Bolke: I am a retired full time Sr. Police Corporal from Southern California. I started in the Revolver era and shot competition extensively with revolvers during those years as well. I have carried small concealment revolvers regularly and taught with them for over 37 years.

Q2: Can you touch on what you'll be covering during the Snub Round Up in August?

DB: Usually I cover a lot of the carry and manipulations facets of these type of multi-Instructor classes. At the East Coast Snub Round Up I will be teaching pocket/concealment deployment and reload methods.

Snub Round up

Q3: For those on the fence, what set Snub Round Up apart from others, and why should folks sign up?

DB: Instructor quality and depth of knowledge-Period. These are not “I like revolvers and have carried them” instructors. These are guys who have run agency quals and instructed classes with large numbers of revolver shooters. That translates to lots of work on diagnosing issues. Bryan Eastridge was a very high level PPC Distinguished shooter with a revolver. We have all carried revolvers for real, dealing with real felons on the street in all sorts of scenarios. There is no parroting or theory based instruction. It is all reality and experience based.

Q4: Any parting thoughts for the readers?

DB: These tend to be the types of guns we carry a ton but shoot a little. If you are staking your life on them, it is a great investment to get serious training and specialized instruction. These guns are hard to incorporate into many classes because the instructors are not good on them and the classes are not organized around limited capacity small guns. This event is set up for everyone to be successful with these guns and great for any level of shooter.

Wrapping Up Snub Round Up Q&A with American Fighting Revolver

Thanks to DB for taking the time to answer a few questions! This should be the biggest revolver event of the year for the Eastern side of the country. I've had the opportunity to train with each instructor on the roster, and they're all top-tier. Those looking to sharpen their skills would do well to jump on this opportunity.

For a more in-depth look at the Snub Round Up, Darryl and Bryan of AFR put together a video going into the nitty gritty of the event. You can watch that video >>HERE<<

To sign up for the event, you can head over to American Fighting Revolver and grab your ticket >>HERE<<

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