Sportsball - or - Situational Awareness During Major Events

sportsball situational awareness global events
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It's a curious thing when I see high speed, sheepdog, goon, self defenders strutting about making comments along the lines of "sportsball" or "I didn't even know the super bowl was happening until after it started", and more. While you may not be a sports fan, a significant portion of the population is. If you're as competent as you think you are, I'd expect you to be well aware of significant events happening around the world. Sports, politics, religion, or otherwise. Situational awareness is for more than just muggers and crackheads.

Maybe it's the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, or NBA Finals. The US is hosting the World Cup in 2026. We're also in an election year domestically. Don't forget about big dates like 9/11, the anniversary of George Floyd, Ramadan, and more. Events like these commonly see an increase in violence. In the minutes after the Chiefs emerged victorious on Sunday we already had fights break out over the results of the game. Whether it's targeted or random, violence still happens.

Situational Awareness During Major Events

Let's forget violence for a moment. I imagine we all want to know when the grocery stores are going to be overrun. You also probably want to be aware of when you'll have a higher likelihood of encountering drunk drivers on the road. Nobody would act like this for New Year's Eve or Saint Patrick's day, but because sports are involved, we get a free pass to be willfully ignorant. In some circles you'll get high praises for not liking the popular thing. Of course you and your friends are too smart to fall for bread and circuses, only you know how dire things truly are. This is said as you play video games, watch Netflix, and wait for the latest gear drop.

sportsball situational awareness global events
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Jokes about "sportsball" don't make you look smart, cool or tough. I was in high school once too and used to think it was cool to not be at least somewhat informed about sports or other world events. I'm not saying you have to care about sports, support the players or league and their policies or politics. We know that most major organizations are hostile to our rights and freedom, that isn't in question. However, if you take your security seriously, you need to know what's happening in the world around you.

Situational awareness is for more than just muggers and crackheads. Remember that before you dismiss the next Popular Thing™.

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