The Last Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot Finale

On June 12th Knob Creek Gun Range shocked fans and guests with news that 2021 will be their last year hosting their Machine Gun Shoot. After 50 years they are calling it quits. Every year people have flocked to Knob Creek Gun Range to have the rare chance to get up close to, and shoot full auto and other NFA firearms. Such as MP5's, AK-47s, cannons, and M134 miniguns. Items most people wouldn't have the chance to shoot otherwise.

Kenny Sumner's Letter to Knob Creek Patrons:


Half a century – 50 years – Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot – every year – twice a year – well except for a flood and a pandemic! We’ve  made many friends – some have become family. It has become a twice a year Reunion for many vendors and shooters. Your patronage has been much appreciated over the years. However, old age has crept up on us all. The Time Has Come – October 2021 will be the last Machine Gun Shoot. Hope to see you then!

Our shop and range will continue to operate on our regular schedule. Come see us anytime.

Kenny Sumner


If you haven't had the chance to make it to the Machine Gun Shoot, October 8th and 9th will be your last opportunity.

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