Galco 2x2x2 Ammo Carrier Review

Galco 2x2x2 Pouch

Revolver gear has done little to evolve over the past several decades. As the wheelgun has declined in popularity, the desire to design cutting-edge equipment has similarly waned. Luckily, not everything from years past is as obsolete as some may have you believe. A few years ago I found myself browsing RevolverGuy when I came across a review of the Galco 2x2x2 pouch. Having primarily used speedloaders and speed strips, I was intrigued and decided to try one for myself. How does the Galco 2x2x2 stack up to the competition?

Design of the Galco 2x2x2

The design of the Galco 2x2x2 is deceptively simple at first glance. The pouch is made from folded and sewn leather, using waxed nylon thread to keep things together. Leather is very nicely dyed, and every edge has been smoothed, giving a sense of old-school craftsmanship. Rounds are arranged in three sets of two, hence the name, with their rims facing upward. This example is designed specifically for .38 Special and .357 Magnum, though Galco also supports .44 Magnum/Special, and .45ACP. Due to the nature of the 2x2x2, shorter rounds may be difficult to retrieve, though most things longer than a wadcutter leave plenty to grasp. Lefties are in luck, as these are inherently ambidextrous.

Galco 2x2x2 Pouch
It is possible to see brass when looking at the pouch from the side

Instead of a dedicated belt loop like you'd find on a magazine pouch, the 2x2x2 itself is the belt loop. Simply thread the rear part of the flap behind your belt, then loop it around to the front of the pouch, connecting the two halves with a sing snap. Friction keeps the pouch in place when unsnapped, securing your ammunition to your body. This flap also shields your spare ammo from prying eyes, as well as the elements.

Range Time and Real World Use

Over the past few years I've used the Galco 2x2x2 during the Rangemaster Master Instructor Course, NPE/Counter Robbery course from Bolke, Haggard, and Burch, and Revolver Roundup. This is in addition to a few Steel Challenge matches, my regular range time, and frequent conceal carry.

When reloading, I use my thumb in an upward sweeping motion to release the snap, pinning the flap open with the heel of my hand as I pluck out fresh rounds from the 2x2x2. When heavy with ammunition, the pouch stays secure to my waist, giving me no issues, even when on the move. While the 2x2x2 isn't terribly fast, it's certainly quicker than loading loose rounds from the pocket. In my experience, it's been roughly equivalent to loading from a speed strip.  Where it really shines is during partial reloads, allowing for a quick top-off, without the need to manage a loader afterwards.

Potential Shortcomings

In the past, I have experienced some issues with the Galco 2x2x2. Initially I ran into problems with the pouch flopping downward and dumping ammunition upon opening. I attribute this to two things; the first is spastically manipulating the pouch in a rush, rather than moving more deliberately, causing more disturbance to the entire package. The second is keeping the pouch lower on the beltline, resting on the flap. Instead, I suggest pushing the 2x2x2 from the bottom until it is fully seated underneath the belt, thereby preventing the flopping seen when the rig is loose.

Galco 2x2x2 Pouch
From left to right: 148gr Gold Medal Match wadcutter .38 Special, 135gr Speer Gold Dot JHP .38 Special , 145gr Winchester Silvertip .357 Magnum

Another shortcoming I've seen mentioned elsewhere is the ability to grab rounds from two different slots. Think of this turning the pouch into a 1x1x2, potentially causing issue with later reloads. Additionally, this could be problematic when attempting to align rounds with charge holes, creating greater space than anticipated. To mitigate this, I sweep my finger up the side of the pouch, then along the top, from front to back, when accessing ammunition. This method has allowed me to avoid grabbing rounds from different slots entirely.


One of the best advantages to the Galco 2x2x2 pouch is that your rounds will always be consistently oriented, unlike throwing loose rounds or speed strips into your pocket. This saves valuable time, and allows the shooter to keep their focus on the target, rather than managing randomly oriented rounds.

Galco 2x2x2 Pouch
The Galco 2x2x2 Pouch is well made, with quality leather and excellent stitching

Additionally, this pouch works with virtually any revolver, as it is not cylinder specific, unlike a speedloader. This makes it a fantastic option for those with less common guns such as the Kimber K6 series, or Henry Big Boy. Finally, the Galco 2x2x2 is very slim for how much it holds, and is easily concealable with an untucked shirt, avoiding any odd bulges in the pockets or pants. On a similar note it is omnidirectional, allowing both strong hand and support side reloads for southpaws and normal people.

Final Thoughts on the Galco 2x2x2

The Galco 2x2x2 pouch is something I was somewhat skeptical of at first, but have come to love. It offers beautiful simplicity, while still being incredibly effective, and attractive to boot. If you're a revolver enthusiast, or find yourself looking for a way to conceal spare ammunition, I highly recommend you check these out. For those looking for a little more security, Galco has a new version of the 2x2x2, which features an integral belt loop.

The 2x2x2 is currently available directly from Galco with an MSRP of $68. Colors are limited to tan, or black leather. You can find yours >>HERE<<

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