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Mantis, the company behind the MantisX announced three new products during SHOT Show 2019.

The MantisX3 is the successor to the original MantisX. Software between the two is largely unchanged, but the hardware is significantly improved. The MantisX3 is approximately 60% lighter, and 40% smaller than the original MantisX. The new model also replaces with mounting screw with a quick-detach lever. MSRP on the MantisX3 is $170.

Original MantisX in center, flanked by pre-production prototypes of new MantisX3/7

A brand new addition is the MantisX7. This item is specifically designed for use on sporting shotguns. Its software tracks lead and follow-through commonly associated with trap/skeet/sporting clays. The MantisX7 mounts to the shotgun via a barrel clamp with a section of 1913 rail for the Mantis to attach to. MSRP on the MantisX7 is $200.

The final addition to the Mantis lineup is the MantisX10. The X10 is most similar to the original MantisX and updated X3 in that it is designed for use on pistols. What sets the MantisX10 apart is the ability to track a shooter's drawstroke, as well as followthrough after recoil. This allows users to objectively measure every portion of their live (or dry) firing, from presentation to after rounds head down range.

Battery life on the MantisX3 and X7 will be around 12 hours. Expect both to be available in February 2019. Details are still foggy on the MantisX10 as it is earlier in its development cycle, but we will post updates as they arrive.

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