NEW PHLster Pro Series Holster

PHLster Pro Series Holster

Today PHLster announced their latest holster, the Pro Series. The PHLster Pro Series is designed for AIWB carry and brings modern features to the already highly popular PHLster line.

New for the Pro Series is allows users to attach virtually any mounting hardware of their preference; from soft loops to Discrete Carry Concepts clips. Comfort and concealment are aided by the new enlarged and rounded wedge near the muzzle. Unlike some previous models, the PHLster Pro Series holster is completely ambidextrous, so lefties are in luck from the start. PHLster Pro Series Holster

The Pro Series is compatible with a variety of common firearms. At release, shooters have options for Glock sizes from the G26 to G34 in both 9mm and 40, the Glock 43/48, and most models of SIG Sauer P320. Each version is compatible with slide mounted optics, suppressor height sights, and threaded barrels.

Pricing starts at $79.99 and varies based upon hardware preference. PHLster Pro Series holsters are available for purchase on 20MAY2020.

PHLster Pro Series Press Release

In 2016, the PHLster Classic lead the way in integrating organic forms into a molded holster. Continuing on that path, the PHLster Pro Series takes further steps to blend the shape of the gun into an organic and ergonomic form. The increased smooth surface area reduces hotspots and ensures that the typical holster trouble spots are fully radiused and rounded for maximum comfort for both AIWB and behind-the-hip carry. The fully rounded muzzle improves all-day comfort during extended periods of driving or sitting. This ergonomic feature is angled and tapered to aid in concealment for both appendix carry and hip carry, an industry first. The increased smooth contact patch doesn’t just dissipate the acute discomfort of carrying a gun, it’s also a great place to add your own foam wedges, making the holster truly yours. The Pro Series can also accept any IWB holster hardware available, allowing the user to optimize their holster for any carry position, with cant angle and ride height adjustment, and for right or left handed carry. It also remains compatible with the PHLster Flex system. 

The Pro Series comes standard with a pair of adjustable IWB loops and an adjustable ModWing to reduce printing. Add a TuckStrut, a pair of Grip Hooks, and a Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock Clip for increased versatility and customization.

The Pro Series is compatible with optics, suppressor sights, threaded barrels, and Gen5 Glocks.

At launch, compatible fits are 9mm/40 Glock (26-34), G43/43x/48, and Sig P320 (all models except .45 and SubCompact).


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