New Rock Island Armory VRPA40 Shotgun

Rock Island Armory VRPA40

Rock Island Armory announced the latest in their successful budget shotgun line today--the VRPA40.

The VRPA40 is the first pump action shotgun in the VR series. Unlike most pump guns, this model features a detachable box magazine. This allows for a more balanced gun and substantially increases reloading speed. Magazines are interchangeable with the rest of the VR line, ensuring you can keep your VRPA40 well fed.

The shotgun features a 3 inch chamber, along with a heat shield and ghost ring sights. A standard picatinny rail adorns the top of the receiver, allowing users to mount their preferred optic.

The Rock Island Armory VRPA40 will be available for purchase in January 2020. Stay tuned for updates!

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