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As responsible citizens, it is not only our duty to resist oppressive legislation, but also oppressive leaders. This includes both elected, and non-elected officials. David Chipman is potentially one of those non-elected officials. Mr. Chipman has been nominated by President Biden to be the director of the ATF. I've spoken about the President's poor decisions relating to firearms in the past, and this is no different. But what exactly has Mr. Chipman done to make him unfit to lead the ATF? Glad you asked. Here are just three of the reasons I cited in messages to my State leadership.

Reasons to Oppose David Chipman

During confirmation hearings, Mr. Chipman could not answer questions asked of him by Republican and Democrat leaders, to include stating his definition of an "assault weapon", something that he favors banning despite an inability to define the term.

In his own Ask Me Anything in 2019, Mr. Chipman claimed that Branch Davidians shot down two National Guard helicopters during the Waco Siege using 50 caliber Barrett rifles, which is untrue. No helicopters were shot down during the Siege, and no 50 caliber Barrett rifles were recovered.

Additionally, Mr. Chipman has been a Senior Policy Advisor for Mayors Against Illegal Guns since 2016, during which time he has repeatedly shown hostility towards the citizen's rights to Keep and Bear Arms. To include a desire to arrest citizens before they have committed any crime. His position with Mayors Against Illegal Guns shows that he is far from impartial, desiring to create policy, rather than enforce policy as he claimed during his confirmation hearings.

Make Your Voice Heard

From repeatedly showing a lack of integrity, to an unwillingness to be direct with members of both political parties, David Chipman is unfit for the position of Director of the BATFE. While we cannot directly vote against Mr. Chipman, we can pressure our own representatives to do so. Contact your Congressmembers by phone, email, and snail mail. Ensure you are respectful and factual, don't play into negative stereotypes. Get friends and family involved.

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