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Palisade Training Group Church Security Team Leader Instructor Development
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Every year I like to reflect on the work we created during the past twelve months. Each writer here at Primer Peak puts in a lot of effort, and unfortunately some pieces still fall through the cracks. Our best work isn't always our most popular--that's the realm of news and gear reviews. With this in mind, here are our favorite articles we've written in 2023.

Ally Corless: No Way to 2A | How I Became a Second Amendment Advocate

It was a fight between "No Way to 2A" and her long-term Flashbang review for top dog of 2023 for Ally Corless. In the end, she decided that this was the more important of the two, rather than a simple gear review. Ally Corless has come a long way in a short time regarding personal defense. If you or someone you know is on the fence, or even opposed to self defense, read this piece. Maybe you'll find a new perspective.

Dan Reedy: 30 Super Carry Ballistics Gel Testing [2023]

I put a ton of effort into this test, and it's one of the works I'm most proud of to date. Even without my current 30 Super Carry hype train, this article is a Rubicon of sorts for me. With this I've started a new aspect of research, and put myself out there in a way I haven't previously. Look for more ballistics gel testing from me in the future, and go buy something in 30 Super Carry!

Graham Haley: The Transitional Generation

Graham has been a great addition to the Primer Peak team. If you've taken a look at his Instagram, @lefty_pistolero, you'll know that he's a bit of an old soul. With a penchant for leather holsters and the Modern Technique, Graham's writing channels the classics like Jeff Cooper, or Massad Ayoob. It's rare to find someone with as much style as Graham today. The Transitional Generation is a good mixture of style and substance--a pure reflection of his work across the board.

Matt Donahue: Am I a Gun Hipster?

"If I had to pick one... I'd say the gun hipster article is my favorite. It's gotten a good response... and I think some people find it "validating". -Matt Donahue

N. Austin: Haley Strategic D3CR-H Chest Rig Review [2023]

This is N. Austin's breakout article for Primer Peak, squeaking by right at the end of 2023. It's been a while since we've had a good review of gear like this on the site, and this is a welcome addition. With more content on the way, keep your eyes open for what he has in store for 2024!

Paul Whaley: Citizens Defense Research - Technical Handgun: Tests & Standards AAR [2023]

"My AAR for Technical Handgun was my favorite article that I wrote in 2023. I learned a lot with the two days spent with John Johnston, and left a better shooter. Seeing our own Ally Corless having positive breakthroughs was awesome too. While writing the AAR, it really hit me how much value I received during the class, which easliy made it my favorite article of 2023." - Paul Whaley

Sean B.: Cognitive Conclave After Action Report [2023]

This is a course that hurt me to miss. Ericke, John, and Lee are an incredible wealth on information, and I've had the pleasure to share the range with two of the three to date. There are a lot of shooting course out there, but few that require you to really think with a gun in your hand. Read Sean's AAR, then sign up for this course the next time it is offered.

Sarah Austin: What Guns Have Meant to Me [2023]

There's more to guns than just poking holes in paper or flexing on Instagram. This piece may help you begin to understand what else the community has to offer than what is shown on the news.

The Tacticallopath: AAR: Palisade Training Group Church Security Team Leader Instructor Development

Over the years I've seen a growing interest in church security teams. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a comparable rise in requests for training of those teams. The Tacticallopath puts his money where his mouth is to help safeguard not only himself, but those around him. If you are part of a church security team, or are thinking of creating one, read this AAR.

Thoughts on 2023 and Looking Toward 2024

2023 Was a great year for us at Primer Peak. In the Spring we hit our biggest number of readers of all time after a steady rise over the previous months. We've continued to bring you two articles a week every week for well over a year with no stopping in sight. Several writers joined the team with breakout articles, bringing new perspectives to readers, in addition to those of us who've been here for years. From gunĀ  and gear reviews, to training after action reports, opinions pieces and more, our content continues to diversify itself. We couldn't do it without the support of our readers.

Those of us here at Primer Peak are looking forward to bringing you more great content over the coming year. What do you want to see from us in 2024? Make your voices heard in the comments! If you want to support your favorite creators, consider donating to those of us who have Patreon. Nearly everything we do here comes out of our own pockets, and a little help goes a long way.

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