XTech Tactical MAG47 Review: The Best AK Mag Ever?

Unfortunately, there aren't a ton of options out there for truly outstanding AK 47 magazines these days, especially if you are looking for an US made AK mag. The premium US made AK magazine is exactly the portion of the market that XTech Tactical is targeting with the MAG47.

In some strange twist of fate, bakelite mags have gone from reasonably inexpensive to high priced collector pieces, steel surplus mags are starting to dry up it seems, and the quality polymer mags like the Circle 10 Bulgarian mags get snatched up almost as soon as they are offered for sale.

XTech MAG47 Video Review

EDITOR NOTE: The magazines photographed below were part of the pre-production run. They are identical to the production magazines with the exception of the pattern on the side of the magazine. Please see the headline image or the above video to see the production waffle design.

















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  1. yeah ~3:00 i have to agree with the beefing up of parts here because most of us arent soldiers that need super lightweight magz so we can carry another mag. what we need is magz that will last until our grandkiddz can inherit them.

    • I honestly believe that these will last. The “militia special” mags might be the ones you are after, those things are built like tanks!

  2. There is a lot of good US innovation coming out for the AK series rifles. XTech Mags have bridged the gap getween cheap but substandard American mags and great, but expensive imported mags. I’ve used the XTech mags a lot, and extremely hard too and they hid up great. You need to check out RS Regulate as well if you want to see another company really innovating within the AK market.

  3. I like the new format, hope it works. Kind of want the comments to be managed by Disqus personally but if y'all have a valid reason not to do that I guess I wont mind putting in my info every time I want to comment lol.

    • There is a valid reason, they have been known to insert random affiliate links in users comments. It is also a bit slower to load because of the ad widget, they collect your data and sell it to whoever is paying, and they insert spam “story” links above the comments. I will be sticking with the native comment system until I find a better plugin. I get rid of all the goofy Disqus negatives and retain total control of the comment system (no one can say “guns bad” now). If all it costs to prevent another corporate entity from dictating what’s ok to talk about is some inconvenience, I think it is a worthy trade.

  4. Akm stuff made sense when you could get surplus comblock mags for $4. $20+ for sketchy plastic magazines seems a bit much. No offense to xtech, im sure their mags are no sketchier than anyone elses. (Comment ported from Full30)

    • On the contrary, I personally believe the XTech mags to be much better than the surplus comblock stuff. In fact, many people that know the AK far better than I believe the XTech MAG47 is as good, if not better than the coveted Circle 10 mags. The reality is these might possibly be the toughest modern sporting rifle magazines I have ever laid hands on.

      • I reckon the current production AK103 mags or the original slabside AK mags are better than anything that hasn't gone through a rigorous set of military trials.

        • Maybe? But who wants to pay $100 to $150 per mag? Looking at how the 103 mags are made, the MAG47 is pretty close in terms of how it is constructed. I will take the $30 - $40 mag every time over a mag 3 to 5 times more expensive. Military trials and adoption aren’t a badge of best, they are a indicator that it was good enough to meet the requirements laid out.

  5. I like the new format to get away from YouTube, but still use YouTube to extend your viewership.

    • That is my hope! I think it is going to take some time for it to feel more normal for some folks, but that is to be expected.

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