Glock 43X Coming Soon According To RECOIL

The Glock 43X has been leaked to RECOIL by "a third party with ties to Glock's Austrian headquarters" earlier today. All of the information and photos in this post is coming from their report as well as some speculation on my part.

A Photoshopped mock-up based on the leaked specs. Photo credit: RECOIL

While I had heard about this gun 6 months ago but didn't have any concrete data to share. All we really knew is that the gun was designed to be a direct competitor to the SIG P365.

RECOIL is reporting that the new gun will have a 10 round capacity and be slightly larger as a result. The third party source says that it will be 4mm wider and 15mm longer, likely to accommodate a new 1 3/4 stack magazine similar to the Glock 43's 1 1/2 stack mag.

The current king of micro 9s, the SIG P365.

Glock 43 MOS??

Based on what we know from previous talks with Glock, the new Glock 43X will not be optics ready. When I asked Glock if they had plans to do a Glock 26 MOS, I was told they didn't see the value in a red dot on that small of a pistol.

RECOIL added front serrations to their mock-up but I highly doubt that they will be included on the real gun. If Glock isn't keen on adding an RDS to tiny guns, I don't see why they would see value in adding forward serrations.

A mock-up based on the leaked specs. Photo credit: RECOIL

There is no indication as to what the pistol will be priced at, but I would speculate the Glock 43X to be somewhere between the Glock 43's MSRP of $499.99 and the Gen5 Glock 26's MSRP of $749. Most likely it will fall right around the same price point as the P365 at about $550 to $600.

The release date is likely going to be SHOT Show in January. Make sure to check out RECOIL Web for the full post.

Hat tip to Rob Curtis and the RECOIL team.

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    • unfortunately this is still over a five inch height gun, and wider, which the game changer takes the prize on. I can't believe Glock hasn't figured out how to make the height of the gun comparable and found a way to squeeze the same amount of rounds into a similarly sized magazine. They are the leaders of the handgun industry. The 365 has so many issues that are legit no matter what the fanboys say. It would be nice to go to my trusted company for something with the exact same specs.

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