Top 5 Drills and Skills Tests for Conceal Carry [2024]

Often times I shooters struggle with progression. Some don't know where to start, while others get stuck without a clear path forward. Classes and competition are a great way to help build skill, but those aren't always feasible to attend. If  you've followed Primer Peak for any amount of time, you know we're a big fan of drills with time and accuracy standards. That said, some drills may be outside of your interest or skill level. To help those struggling, here are my top 5 drills and skills tests for the conceal carrier.

The Top 5 Drills and Skills Tests for Conceal Carry

Local Conceal Carry Qualification

Most conceal carry tests are incredibly easy. This is the standard set forth by your local government to get their blessing to carry a pistol outside the home. Due to this, these tests are expressly for self defense, not simple marksmanship.

Even in states that allow permitless carry, I recommend obtaining your conceal carry permit. Just a few benefits include reciprocity when traveling, proof of a clean background (at least at time of issuance) for any law enforcement interactions, and a pseudo rubber stamp from the government showing proficiency. Even if you opt not to partake in the permitting process, having evidence of clearing its marksmanship standard could be beneficial in the eyes of the law.

top drills and skills conceal carry

Contact your local regulating body, or an instructor who offers conceal carry courses. They should provide you with the course of fire so you can practice to your heart's content. Once you pass, sign and date the target, and take a photo for your records. It isn't a bad idea to occasionally revisit this, showing proficiency over time.

Use Your Head

When writing this piece, I got a lot of feedback on this specific stage. There are multiple places in the United States who have no government mandated marksmanship standard for carry permits. Some places simply require a background check, others have vague "training" requirements with no specific courses of fire. In these situations, I recommend obtaining some level of training, such as the NRA basic pistol course.

conceal carry ccw drills training
After a conceal carry test many years ago

Another option is choosing a qualification course from another place that has similar politics and culture to your home. If you live in New York, you probably don't want to choose Texas, because of the implication. Or simply skip this step, and move onto the next stage of this list.

Additionally, some locations handle this process at different levels; some at the state, others at the county, city, and more. Simply go along with your regulating body. If it's the state or the municipality, it doesn't really matter. Just use your head, don't let terminology stop you from training.

Werner 5x5

Claude Werner's 5x5 was the first drill I began working on when seriously developing my shooting skill. Taking place at only five yards, it is deceptively simple. Despite this, I regularly see shooters fail the drill after initially scoffing it as easy pickings.

>>Check out the Werner 5x5 Here<<

While this won't be testing your ability to hit more distant targets, its time and accuracy standard is tighter than what most shooters are familiar with. Regularly passing the 5x5 will put you well on your way to becoming a solid defensive marksman.

Hardwired Tactical Super Test

The Super Test is one of my favorite drills. Using only 30 rounds, with distances ranging from 5 to 15 yards, the Super Test covers the several bases with ease. No holster is required, so this is easily adaptable to more restrictive ranges.

>>Check out the Hardwired Tactical Super Test Here<<

If you can pass the Super Test, you're in a pretty good place as a conceal carrier. For those carrying pocket pistols and snub nose revolvers, the Super Snubby Test is a good alternative. Once you've got either of these drills on lockdown, add in a drawstroke for the "Advanced" version.

FBI 50 Round Pistol Qualification Course

The FBI qualification course is something that I think all conceal carriers should aspire to pass. This is a nationally recognized standard as set forth by the preeminent federal law enforcement agency in the country. As such, it is something easily understood and recognized by any governing body, juror, or layman who you may find scrutinizing your actions. With a recorded passing score, shooters can instantly provide a little bit of legitimacy to their skill, rather than trying to explain arbitrary plinking, or high speed Instagram drills.

>>Check out the FBI 50 Round Pistol Qualification Course Here<<

Working skills from nearly contact distance out to 25 yards, the FBI qual provides well rounded standards for a variety of situations. Requiring only 50 rounds, it can easily be accomplished in a typical range session. While this is not the ultimate test of skill, the FBI qual is probably the most widely accepted standard you can choose from.

Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Qualification Course (2017)

The Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Qualification is a logical continuation of the FBI's qualification course. Using similar distances and skills, it features more demanding time and accuracy standards. This lets you have a fairly direct comparison to the federal standard, while kicking things up a notch.

>>Check out the Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Qualification Course (2017) Here<<

Are there harder shooting tests than the Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Qualification? Absolutely, and they certainly have value. That being said, we're building a logical progression of skill here. This isn't an all-inclusive list, but a selection of drills and tests to create well rounded shooters, with reality based training.

Rangemaster pistol instructor qualification
Ally Corless' first attempt at the Rangemaster qualification course after easily passing the FBI qual. While not a pass, she came in close, dropping rounds at the 15 and 25 yard stages.

Tom Givens has built this course of fire using data from analyzing citizen involved defensive shootings over several decades. It incorporates both problems typically faced in these scenarios, along with outliers occasionally encountered. The accuracy standard is demanding, and time is limited, just as it would be in the real world.

Wrapping Up the Top 5 Drills and Skills Tests for Conceal Carry

Hopefully this list provides you will a good baseline of progression. Testing a variety of skills, there's something here for just about everyone. Of course these are not the be-all-end-all of shooting skill. We have an entire roster of drills we've covered over the past several years to help spice up your range time, with more on the way. Even if you've passed a drill lower on the list in the past, come back to them from time to time to check your progress. Maybe you'll find an area that is lacking with your current regimen.

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