New Mantis X3 & X10 Now Shipping

Notice that the Mantis X3 & X10 is shipping was sent out recently and it makes us happy as hell. The MantisX we reviewed a while back proved to be an excellent tool for shooter improvement but the new X3 & X10 models pack even more features into a smaller sensor unit.

We already got a look at the new line of dry fire tools from Mantis Tech at SHOT 2019 and were pretty impressed with the improvements made. We also have a Mantis X10 currently being evaluated and once the 3,000 dry fire mark is exceeded there will be a review on it. Early indications are that Mantis Tech not only improved on the original, but blew it out of the water with the additional features.

Mantis X3


Mantis X10



The Mantis X3 carries an MSRP of $169.99 and the X10's MSRP is $249.99. Find more information about the entire Mantis line on the Mantis website.

More About The Mantis X3 & X10 Shipping From Mantis Tech:

Mantis Tech continues to accelerate the pace at which it provides real-time, data-driven feedback to shooters. Following on the heels of the success of the MantisX, the X3 and the X10 are next evolution in technology now available for tracking and evaluating shooting performance. Both the X3 and X10 are now in-stock and shipping.

“The X3 and X10 are complete, ground-up redesigns of the original MantisX, including all hardware and software. This is the culmination of 3 years of R&D, and we’re excited to launch it to the world,” says Engineering Manager Chase Roberts.

Compared to the MantisX, the X3 and X10 are 40% smaller and 60% lighter, while having 3x the battery life and 4x the data rate. Additionally, a slimmer profile coupled with an ingenious quick disconnect allows broad compatibility with existing holsters.

The X10 features powerful elite analysis such as a RecoilMeter and holster draw analysis. The RecoilMeter quantifies muzzle flip, recovery time, recoil angle, and recoil pattern width, enabling shooters to make adjustments to maximize recoil control. The holster draw analysis provides phase analysis that breaks down a complete holster draw into separate timed and analyzed segments, including time to grip, time to presentation, and time to shot.

“This breakthrough technology now allows shooters to unlock greater potential for rapid improvement,” says Roberts. “And with the exciting future software updates that are coming, it will only get better.”

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