Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2020

SHOT Show Range Day 2020

Another year has come and gone, and many articles with it. Our reader's preferences are clear, with news and hardware leading the pack in terms of views. While high numbers of views may not necessarily indicate author's preferences of their own work, results speak for themselves. Below are Primer Peak's 10 most popular articles published in 2020.


Why Sidecar Style Holsters Suck

It's a shock to see this article on the list. Published only a week ago, it has grown faster than most articles for the year. I can only credit the immense amounts of butthurt generated by this piece for it spreading like wildfire. People tend to talk when you're slaughtering sacred cows. Being shared by a handful of pages like Primary & Secondary, as well as Active Self Protection helped this reach larger audiences than normal.

SIG Sauer P210 Carry | SHOT Show 2020

This is the start of a trend you'll see on this list. Our SHOT Show coverage is always filled with solid performers, as people want to see the new hotness. I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to fire the new SIG Sauer P210 Carry, but I loved how it handled in the booth. If it wasn't for the massive shortages of 2020, this would've been high on my list of guns to buy.

WWSD 2020 Rifle | SHOT Show 2020

The InRangeTV, Brownells, and KE Arms collaboration rifle, WWSD 2020, is one of the more interesting developments in long guns for this year. Taking modern parts and accessories, their team has designed a firearm that represents the original theory behind the AR15. Brownells had some pre-production prototypes on hand in their booth for us to check out.

NEW Colt Python 2020 | The Legend Returns

As a certified revolver nut, the return of the Colt Python rustled my jimmies in all the right ways. Folks speak of original models like the Gods in human form, and now, people were finally going to get their hands on models for less than a down payment on a house. It wouldn't be until SHOT Show that I got my hands on one, but the wait was worthwhile. Even the legendary Ken Hackathorn proclaims that these new production guns outperform the originals.

NEW 940 JM Pro Shotgun from Mossberg

The original Mossberg 930 JM Pro made a name for itself on the 3 Gun circuit. I owned one briefly, and was impressed with its speed and low recoil. Taking years of feedback into consideration, Mossberg and the Miculek team revealed their updated model, the 940. Combining form and function, this gun is sure to treat both defensive and competitive shooters well.

Range Day Notes | SHOT Show 2020

This piece combines several new guns worth of information from Range Day at SHOT Show. From Kel-Tec, to Colt, H&K to Savage, there's something here for everyone.

XTech Tactical VP9 Magazine Review 2020

Despite its popularity, the Heckler & Koch VP9 has never had a large aftermarket. Luckily, XTech Tactical has stepped in to offer a host of affordable, and quality magazines for the VP9 and other H&K firearms. The latest in his series, Paul checks out XTech's standard capacity VP9 magazines.

Holosun Pistol Optics | SHOT Show 2020

Holosun had a stellar showing during SHOT, with several new products on display, as well as a hidden prototype optic. I got to shoot both the 509T as well as 507K prior to their release, and was able to get hands-on time with an unannounced optic.

Glock 44 Problems Already? That's Just Perfect

The Glock 44 is Glock's fantastically late entry into the rimfire world, marking their first pistol chambered for .22LR. Despite the company's motto of "Perfection", early models seemed to be rife with serious issues. This isn't uncommon for new production firearms, but is never a good sign.

Palmetto State Armory | SHOT Show 2020

Palmetto State Armory may have had one of the most exciting booths in all of SHOT Show this past year. From rifles, to pistol caliber carbines, and handguns, they had a smorgasbord of new firearms on display. In the following months, I think I've received more questions about the Palmetto booth than any other from the entire show. Being our most viewed article written in 2020, I think it speaks for itself.

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