Father's Day Gift Guide [2024]

fathers day gift guide

Father's Day is just around the corner. If you're like me, then your dad is a little hard to get gifts for. The things he likes are either very expensive, or dad just buys them himself. We're adults now, so the days of novelty ties, and pens that fart are largely over. Unfortunately, most lists focus on cheap, chintzy things that are just a small step above the bargain bin. Whether your dad is a gun guy or not, there's probably something for him on here.

EDC Gear for Father's Day

Whether you're an "EDC Guy" or not, we all start to accumulate more stuff as we age. While a lot of dads are set in their ways, occasionally you'll find something that strikes their fancy. Whether it's an aesthetic choice, or functional, good gear can make a big difference. Here are some things that we like to carry here at Primer Peak.

Fisher Pens

I have carried a pen on my person for over a decade now. During that time I've moved across several brands, from Zebra to Bic, the Pilot G2, and more. Last year I was given a Fisher Space Pen as a 30th birthday present, and it's been on my person ever since then. Senior Writer Paul Whaley has been using Fisher for well over a decade, and put his thoughts to paper >>HERE<<

Fisher Space Pen 4.3
An excellent, historic tool.

Dads do a lot. Having something that is NASA-approved should stand up to any abuse they can provide. You can check out what they offer >>HERE<<


If more people carried pepper spray, I imagine there'd be a lot fewer shootings and fist fights in the world. Even if you don't want to spray a man, protection from aggressive dogs is another great reason to strap on some OC spray. POM is our go-to solution for EDC pepper spray here. It's inexpensive, effective, comes in a convenient package, and you have some color coordination options. Put some POM in your palm >>HERE<<


We all wear pants when we leave the house. Many of us still wear pants with belt loops. Whether you're conceal carrying, just have a bunch of stuff in your pockets, or suffer from a case of Noassitol, a belt is usually a good choice. There are a variety of good belts out there. Here are just a few of our preferences:

Magpul Tejas Gun Belt

EDC Belt Co Foundation

Wilderness Tactical Swift Belt


Many of us here are big revolver nerds, or at least enjoy shooting them. Zeta6 is a smaller company that is making some really interesting, and high quality accessories for your wheel gun. From dry practice tools, to loading devices, Zeta6 is worth checking out. We'll have some reviews of their products coming soon--in short, we're fans!

zeta6 safesnap
Zeta6 SnapSafe is great for storage, dry practice, and more!


Approximately half of our lives are spent in darkness, and that's without counting poorly lit interior spaces. Sure we have cellphones, but the flashlights on them are weak and inconvenient. A flashlight is something that most people scoff, but then really appreciate once they start carrying one. We have covered a variety of options on Primer Peak, here are some of our favorites.

Surefire EDCL2-T

Surefire EDCL2-T Side Profile
An excellent all-around EDC light.

Surefire Stiletto

Streamlight 1L-1AA

Holsters for Father's Day

If your dad is a gun guy, then he needs something good to carry his piece in. You know what they say, "stay strapped or get clapped", and you can't stay strapped without a good holster. We have a lot of reviews here, but it really boils down to a handful of companies that we really stand behind. Go with one of these options and you'll be set. His gun is life saving equipment, so use Father's Day to make sure it's secure.

Harry's Holsters

KSG Armory

JM Custom Kydex

Milt Sparks Leather

Dry Practice for Father's Day

Ammunition is getting expensive once again. Live fire may need to be reduced, but that doesn't mean our practice has to stop. We have several options to spice up our dry practice routines, here are a few that we love.


coolfire trainer

Coolfire Trainer

Tools for Father's Day

It's an old meme that dads love their tools. Don't cheap out with cheap Chinese equipment, get them something for Father's Day that will last. From adjusting optics, to opening next year's gifts, a good tool always comes in handy.

Combat Sight Tool

From irons to optics, it is critical to ensure your sights are zeroed. Many companies ship products with included tools, but these are often cheap and break quickly. The Combat Sight Tool and its variants offer a lot of capability in a small package, for little expense. I've thrown one in my range bag, along with the Pistol Mounted Optic Tool, and they've already repeatedly come in handy in just a matter of weeks.

Retention Ring
Retention Ring helping to keep my Combat Sight Tool, and Pistol Mounted Optics Tool at hand.

These are lashed together with a Retention Ring to help protect against butter fingers, or accidentally leaving one behind on the range.

Buy yours here


A bunch of tools are helpful in a bag or box, but not so much when you're out an about. Luckily, there are a variety of pocket sized tools to help bridge the gap in your daily life. I've carried several options over the past 10+ years, and have settled on a few that stand out.


  • Unfortunately my preferred Leatherman, the PS4 Squirt, is now discontinued. That said, Leatherman still makes a fantastic product.

Victorinox Tinker

Retention Ring

I mentioned Retention Ring earlier in this piece, but it deserves its own space. Has your dad ever dropped something before? Then has that dropped thing ever disappeared into the void? Retention Ring can help avoid headaches like that. At only a few dollars, it's easy to pair with other items on the list.

You can get yours >>HERE<<

Entertainment - Games, Books, and More

Not everything has to be serious, it's good to take some time off and relax for a bit. I love video games, but there's something about sitting around the kitchen table that brings us together a little more. Maybe it's just facing each other, or the more physical nature of the interaction. We don't play cards or board games often in my house, but it's always a good time when we do. Father's Day is a great time to break these out and start a new tradition.

Board Games

There are too many board games to list here. You probably know what your family likes. Maybe it's Connect Four, or Jenga. Lately I've been playing chess on breaks with coworkers which has been great. If you have a few weeks to spare, and don't mind getting stabbed, maybe Monopoly is more your speed. Stop by your local Walmart or Target and grab a board game or two. They last a long time, and can be a source of some great memories


Card games are even easier than board games. A deck of cards is literally pocket size, and you don't have to buy specialized decks for most games. Poker, Spades, Rummy, even Go Fish can be fun. For several months I was undefeated in my house, much to my wife's dismay. You can even come up with your own rules.

fathers day gift guide
Cards like these make games just that much more fun.

If you want to get a little more exotic, you can always grab a themed deck to add some excitement. Or, you can jump in on a TCG style card game like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Lorcana. These are a little more complex, and can turn into a money pit if you really want to win. That said, TCG's can be fun in their own right, especially for more casual gameplay.


Books are great, but people often feel like they don't have time to sit down and read a physical book. I've been an Audible fan for years. Throughout most of my adult life I've had a 30 minute or more commute. Usually that time is filled with phone calls, music, or listening to a video. However, I have spent a significant amount of time listening to audiobooks during drives.

There are plenty of apps to do this with, but I've been using Audible for a long time. From Call of the Wild, to the Thrawn Trilogy, there's probably something on there for you or your dad. Sure, it's not quite the same as reading, but it won't melt your brain as much as most podcasts.

Wrapping Up

Father's Day is an often overlooked holiday. Most of our readers are men, but that doesn't mean we have to be stone faced for gifts. If you have people shopping for you, consider putting together a list with some of these things. I'm sure they'll be happy to have ideas as to what you actually want. I know my family appreciates it, and it'll save you space in the junk drawer.

Author's Note: Some products listed here have been provided to me in the past for purposes of review. A few also come from companies whose owners I consider friends. That said, I stand behind my recommendations, regardless of any personal relationship. I make no money from products purchased from these businesses.

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If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Writing isn't my full-time profession, and nearly everything I do comes out of my own pocket. Between ammunition, tuition, range fees and more, expenses add up fast. If you like what I have to offer, consider making a donation to my Patreon.

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